Sunday, February 21, 2010

ugh, double ugh

On Thursday evening, I heard Tyler talking in his bed fairly late (around 9:30pm). I went in to check on him and he said "Well, you'd be so proud of me, cause I stayed in my bed, but Cam made somfin yucky in his bed." Of course, I thought Cam had dirty diaper. Nope. He threw up all over. And then fell asleep in it! (Sorry, I know it's gross, but it was my life for the past few days, so I am kind of numb to what is gross...)
Anyway, that was the beginning. Over the past three days, I have cleaned up more throw up than I ever thought was possible. Tyler started throwing up on Friday morning (poor kid had to miss his own birthday party (combined with three other friends) and he had been looking forward to it all week long :( ). I have done so many loads of laundry, it is insane (I think we are on load number 5). As soon as I cleaned up one kid, the other one started. And the sad thing is that Cam is so young, that he didn't want to have a bowl under his little mouth. He would just want me to hold him. It is such a sad thing that it is hard to push him away when you know how sick he feels. And so, yes, several times I got thrown up on. Ty was the same way, but he did a little better getting it into the bowl.
Friday afternoon was the worst. Both kids were right in the thick of this awful bug. I can honestly say it was one of the worst 24 hours of my life. Awful. Cam throws up all over me. I just clean him off. Clean me off (hair and clothes). Scrub carpet. Tyler starts throwing up. Clean the couch off. Both kids want me to hold them. Both kids crying. Start a movie. Cam throws up again. Try to get a load of laundry together to go and wash stuff so our house doesn't smell disgusting. Come back to find Ty throwing up again. Clean up the bathroom. Scrub out the bathtub. More kids crying and throwing up. No one could nap cause they were so sick. And the day went on and on.
I can't even tell you what a relief it has been to have gone 36 hours with no one throwing up.
Thank you, thank you, thank you that this is over! I never want to relive that again!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Dad: The Super Hero

So, I guess that all little kids just think their dad is amazing. I know I sure thought that (and still do!). If there was anything that I didn't dad knew it. If there was anything I couldn't dad could do it. I know Scott felt the same way about his dad. He told me once that he used to just look at his dad's hands and think "Wow! One day I will have big strong hands just like my dad" if those hands could stop a train (and to be honest...they probably could have!)

Anyway, this is EXACTLY how Tyler feels about Scott. EXACTLY. I know that Ty loves me, but man, the way he loves Scott is just out of this world. Just yesterday, we were riding bikes out in the front as we were waiting for Scott to get home from work. One of our neighbors was just getting his mail when Scott pulled in the driveway. You could hear both kids scream (at the top of their lungs) "Daaaaaaddddddyyyy!" and they both ditched their bikes and bolted for their dad. Ty jumped into Scott's arms and wrapped his arms and legs around Scott so tight and Cam clamped onto Scott's leg. The man that was getting his mail just stood there and watched and then as we walked away he said "Wow". It is so cute to see how much those boys love their dad.
Cam has been "reading" a lot of books lately which means that we need to repair them when he is through, but Ty confindently says "It's okay. Dad can fix it when he gets home"
Or when the Netflix on our tv wasn't working Ty just said "Mom, let's wait for Dad to get home. He knows how to fix it." (What about me, Ty????)
After going to the bathroom and feeling so proud of himself, Ty shouted "I am getting bigger and bigger and soon...(gasp) I get to be like daaaaadddd!"
Then, two days ago, we decided that rather than just sit around our house, we were going to walk around Target and look at the toys. As we were walking down the main aisle, on one of the end caps they had a special on some kind of body building equipment. On the front of the box, it showed a man flexing his muscles. One of those guys that has probably worked for 20 years to look like that and they make you think that after a few weeks with their program you will look like that...anyway, Ty runs right up to the box and said (soooo loudly) "Hey, that's my daddy!!" About three people kind of chuckled to themselves and another man walked by and said "I wish my kids would say that about me." Too funny. But still, that just goes to show that for Ty the strongest man in the whole world is his dad.
Then yesterday we had kind of a scary/learning experience when Ty opened the door for someone when I was there and he told them to come in. After the experience I sat down with Ty to explain to him how scary it is to let people in our house that we don't know and that we should never open the door when mom or dad isn't right there with us because someone could take him away. I'll admit, I was kind of trying to scare him a little bit so that he would grasp the severity of what I was telling him. Anyway, after telling him a few times that someone could take him away he said "Mom, it's okay. Dad would be soooo frustrated with those guys. And my dad would save me."
Ty's dad can do anything.
Ty's dad can save anyone.
Ty's dad is the strongest man ever.
Ty's dad can fix anything.
We sure do have a Super Hero on our hands!