Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I hate yoga

I really do. I hate yoga. I wish I didn't. I wish I was one of those "I can't even start the day without a wonderful, relaxing, mind-cleansing, powerful, hour long session of yoga". But I am not.
In fact, I can't even do FOUR minutes. The last four minutes of my workout video is yoga and I always start doing downward dog and within 10 seconds I have turned the tv off and do my own stretching :) I guess that means that I probably NEED to do yoga more...but, don't count on it!

In other news...

Only four more weeks til I get to go to Hawaii. I am beyond excited. I am thinking of making a chain and draping it all around the house and when I get overwhelmed I can just look at it and think happy, relaxing thoughts.

I REALLY REALLY need to go get some fabric to make some new chair covers. The plastic covering is completely ripped off of one chair and I have been meaning to do it for so long. And now I also wants curtains for the family room.

Ty and Cam got their hair cut really short. They look so old!

I am so much happier with the children because of our new "Kindness Jar". Ty and Cam get to have an icecream bar each time they earn 10 kindness pennies. This has drastically decreased the amount of times that I have had to deal with fighting over toys, sharing issues, yelling, hitting, etc. Sigh of relief. I was close to going crazy. Actually, I crossed the line just a bit.

We went to Monterey this weekend with some friends. It was amazing. Everything was amazing. The food...oh, the food, staying up at night to watch movies/talk while the kids slept, the beach, the bike ride along the coast, the Dennis the Menace park, the friends, the scuba diving (for Scott and Joe). I want to go again this weekend :)

I want to find a good book...couple of books to read on the plane and while on vacation. Anyone have any suggestions?

Cam is talking so well these days and I love it when he grabs my face and puts his nose right to my nose to say something important.

We had an awesome dance party here in our living room a few days ago. I am talking a real dance party people. Handstands, somersaults, and even spinning on the head was demonstrated. Cam's feet move like lightning and Ty can strike poses that you have never seen before in your life. It was so much fun. And Scott pulled up from work right then. And he joined right in with his own groovy moves.

Wish I had pictures to post...sorry.