Thursday, May 5, 2011

A good friend on a bad night

Let me tell you a little story...

I was enjoying a delightful root beer float last night when Tyler came out of his room crying. He had throw up all over him. I quickly rushed him to the bathroom where he continued to throw up and then I cleaned him off and popped him in the shower. Meanwhile, Scott had gone into the bedroom to take off Ty's sheets and came in with Cam, who was also throwing up. Such a sad sight. I quickly cleaned Cam up and popped him the the warm shower with Ty and they both just laid in the tub, curled up in a ball.
Scott was the absolute best husband in the world. He went into their bedroom and cleaned EVERYTHING. He scooped up everything he could and then he hand-rinsed two quilts, four pillow cases, two sheets, three blankets, and two stuffed animals. He seriously spent probably just shy of an hour cleaning their room and rinsing all of their stuff off before we took it to the laundry room. What an amazing guy. I am thankful for him. While he was doing all of this by himself, he popped his head out of the bathroom and said "Rach, I am glad we are a team! I was just thinking that you usually do this stuff and I am glad to be able to do this now and give you a break."

As soon as this all started, I texted the lady that I nanny for and told her that I wouldn't be able to nanny the next day and then I also texted a friend of mine, Shayla, whose children I was going to watch the next day. I felt so awful to have to tell her that my kids were sick because she had set this up weeks ago for me to watch her kids so she could go with her husband on a date in the afternoon to find out the gender and health of their third child (so fun, huh??!!) Anyway, within just minutes of texting her, she called me.
The first thing she said is "Hi Rach! What can I do to help?" Do you need anything? What can I run get for you from the store? I am actually on my way to a store anyway."
I had realized just minutes before that we didn't have enough quarters to do all the laundry (Oh yes. Don't be jealous. We still get to do our laundry in coin-op machines. Super. fun.).
Shayla quickly agreed to bring some quarters by for us. I was so relieved to have such a kind and thoughtful friend. Scott was still cleaning the kids room and I was holding the bowl for the kids as they continued to throw up. I don't know what we would have done.

Then Shayla shows up at the door. This is SOOO Shayla. She brought with her...

BRAND NEW SHEETS!!! I actually hadn't even remembered that we didn't have spare sheets that fit the kids new twin beds. The list goes on...she also brought

Two containers of pedialite for the boys
A bottle of gingerale
Two new fun toothbrushes that light up--so they could get the yucky taste out of their mouth
A new movie to watch today while they are getting better

Honestly, I wanted to cry. I was so tired already and just so overwhelmed at the thought of being up all night. Shayla just swooped in and put the sheets on the beds and gave the boys their toys and made them feel all better. I was so relieved. I was so happy to have a friend like Shayla.

But it even goes on. I know, how can you get even nicer than that??

She took ALL our gross sheets and blankets and brought them to her house and washed them and I had fresh clean laundry first thing this morning dropped off at my house.

Now that is a really really great friend. I am so blessed to have really great friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me!