Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Bday Scott...two months late!

Here are some cute pics of Scott's birthday that I am just now getting around to post on the blog.
Ty and Cam made a candy card for Scott and we put it on the front door for him so that he would see it as soon as he came home from work. Ty worked hard...and got a little tangled up in the tape! After dad's birthday dinner Ty played around the house in Scott's shoes!

Reading Glasses

I LOVE this picture. Papa and Mimi came to visit (a few months ago) and I Ty just had a blast. This is my favorite picture of all time. Mimi came over one night to help put the kids to bed. After Ty was bathed and in his pajamas she told him he could choose a book to read. He ran and sat on her lap with one of his favorite books. She started to read the book and said "Oh, I need my glasses." As she searched her purse for her glasses Ty hopped off her lap and then came back ready to read a book...with HIS glasses too!

A few random pics

Just before I crossed the finish line...I was too tired to even look over at the camera!

Getting my game face on

The girls before the race

Ty sure loved great grandma and grandpa Wright!

If you ask me...these sure are cute kids!

I am going to have to start bringing cheerios and little toys for Scott. This is what happens when Scott gets bored during church.
(In case you can't tell, Ty and Cam have mustaches)

Oh Scotty, what am I going to do with you???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Couple Big Happenings

We have had a whirlwind of a week and so many fun and exciting things have happened. I will start in order...

First, on Thursday afternoon, Scott called and told me that his bosses at work called him in for a meeting. Even I was nervous...and I was just on the phone when Scott told me. Then again, I am kind of a wimp when in comes to large, dirty, offensive men. Luckily, Scott deals with those kinds of people all the time and so he wasn't nervous. Anyway, they gave him a promotion! He totally deserves it. He has been working so hard lately and really going the extra mile and just doing an amazing job. So that was really exciting for us and I feel so happy that we have so much job security in such an unstable economy.

Then on Thursday evening, I had my first piano recital. I combined with Maren (thank goodness) cause she is a pro at all this and she made it turn out great. It was so fun to see the students hands shaking as they sat and waited for their turn to play. I only had three students play in the recital, but they all did fantastic. I was really proud of them all.

Then Saturday I ran my second half marathon! is over! It is one of those things that you look forward to, in a dreading sort of know? I couldn't really sleep the night before because I was so nervous. It was really fun though. Unfortunately, it was alot longer than I had expected. I know what you are thinking....aren't all half marathons the same distance...13.1 miles? Well, yes. But if you were me, then you would be training with a Nike plus that wasn't calibrated correctly and you would have been running less than you thought you were. So, when I finished my half marathon (according to my nike plus) I had not even reached mile 11 yet!!! So, I have to say, those last two miles were pretty brutal. Really brutal actually. At one point, I was thinking to myself "I should just stop. Yeah. It will be fine to take a quick break and walk for a little bit." Then I actually said out loud "Nice try Rachel." I knew that if I stopped, I probably wouldn't start back up again. So I definitely used mind power to finish the race, and I was really sore right after. But I thought I would be in so much pain and totally miserable for several days after, but I have felt great.
Now I am entering into the world of doing two events in one day. Today I ran a the pool and then swam. I feel good and I am really excited for our tri coming up!

So, Saturday afternoon, Scott and I decided to go to an early dinner and celebrate that he got a promotion and that I did my half marathon. We took the kids and they were being so well behaved. Ty was calmly eating his food and Cam was just smiling at every person that passed...enough that everyone would stop and comment on what a happy kid he was. I said to Scott "Wow. We are so lucky. We have two really great kids. They are just so good." And then as we talked about the kids, we decided that, obviously, we do think they are wonderful, but that we were probably kind of biased since we are their parents. Every parent thinks that their child is amazing, right? We kind of laughed about that and then a couple that was sitting at a nearby table was just paying for their food and getting up to leave, when they walked over to us. The wife said "We just want you to know that you have such wonderful children. They are so happy and so smiley...and sooo well behaved. You are really lucky." It almost got me kind of choked up. I felt a huge sense of pride (the good kind, I hope) as I looked at those boys and knew that they were mine. It was a fun day. And a yummy meal!