Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me!

Our house is covered in spider webs with spiders hanging all over the place, autumn leaves that Ty and Cam have collected are now on display on the top of the piano, a "Fall Leaves" candle burning, Halloween lights around the window, and cute Jack-o-latern creations are ready to be displayed in our windows. I really didn't think I could be happier.

Until Scott told me that my Christmas present would be arriving today in the mail.

And arrive it did. In fact, I am writing this post on my brand new laptop!
I have never owned my very own laptop. I have used Scott's since we have been married and it usually works fine for me. But there are just some things that I want to have my own way.
And the first (and only) desktop I ever owned for myself was bought over a decade ago and we got rid of it years ago.
So this is big people.

And since we are having this baby in a few months and we are staying in our two bedroom apartment, but baby will be occupying the "computer room" or computer closet. It made it hard when Cam was napping in there because the few times that I even had a minute to do something on the computer was when he was napping...and he napped in the computer room, so I never could be on the computer. I had been thinking about this with the new baby coming and realizing that my times of using the desktop freely were about to be taken from me. I whined and complained to Scott about the woes of apartment living and then got over it and moved on.

And then this came in the mail. I am so happy. Just so happy. I really do have the most kind husband ever. He is so cute. He vowed this year that he was going to wait until Christmas Day to give me my gift. But when he finds something he knows I will love, he just can't stand it and he goes crazy waiting to give it to me. It is the cutest thing to see him get all excited and almost every night say something like "You are going to love your gift this year. I already know what it is. Do you want some clues? Oh man, I can't wait, you are seriously going to love it!" And then finally he can't wait any longer and he cracks and gives it to me. The best part about it is that it is almost like having a surprise Christmas never know what day you might get the most amazing gift at your doorstep! I am proud of him that he made it to October this year :) And now I get two extra months of using this delightful laptop.

As a side note, Scott and I spontaneously slow danced in our living room the other night after the kids went to bed and we were watching tv and a cute song came on and I told Scott that it reminded me of a slow dance song at a youth dance. So he stood up and asked me to dance right there. It might have been my favorite moment in a long time.

I am in love. With Scott. And with this laptop.


  1. I love you guys! So happy you got a new laptop!

  2. I am SO happy for you!!! Happy that you have a wonderful husband! Happy that you will totally love your new laptop! Happy that you took the time to share this story with us! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  3. My favorite line: "I am in love. With Scott. And with this laptop."

    that's a pretty crazy awesome gift, Rach! So fun!

  4. So cute! And i know this is selfish, but I'm also super excited aobut this christmas gift, because this probably means you can skype again! Woot!

  5. Yay Rach! That's so fun. And I just love the two of you. I love reading about the little moments between you. Miss you!

  6. I LOVE the spontaneous slow dance. Love stories DO take place in the middle of every day life...:) Love the fact that my Pappy finally has a laptop of her own...and that Scott takes such good care of my Rach! And that you can (kind of) celebrate Christmas early, what more could a girl ask for? Miss you, love you!!