Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Interesting Facts

In no particular order...

*Yes, we are still alive over here.  Life still chugs along and we are still happy.  Even though I haven't blogged about it in awhile.

*The kids are getting big.  Huge, in fact.  I can't believe that Cameron is almost 5 (well, at the end of the summer).  Drew is 18 months.  Ty is 6 1/2.  Can't forget the 1/2.  He always corrects me if I just tell people he is 6.

*We started reading the first Harry Potter book together as a family.  Some mothers might judge me, but I think they are just fine.  If it is just their own little minds, Voldemort won't be too creepy and nothing will be too scary.  They are loving it!  Every single night we snuggle up and read a few pages. It will take us forever to finish the book, but to be honest, I don't even care if we ever do.  I just love the time together.  And I love hearing them talk about going to "Warthog" instead of "Hogwarts" or say that they wish "Professor Bumblebee" was real.  Cam gets confused between Dumbledore and the transformers.

*Andrew bites his binkis.  Like, he really bites them hard until the little plastic part just hangs there.  And since that is a very real choking hazard, I just throw them away.  I keep telling myself that since he bites them, I should just ween him from the binki.  And then I remember that I LOVE the binki and I am not ready for him to give it up.  So, I just bought a new package at target today.  Sigh.

*I am already listening to Christmas music.  Kenny G Christmas music, to be exact.

*I really miss my family.

*Cameron says the funniest and most amazing things.  He is at that perfect stage where he still can't say his "r"s or pronounce everything just perfectly, but he talks so well and can really tell you what he is thinking so it just sounds so funny when he makes a mistake.  Today he asked for "blettuce" on his ham sandwich.

*The kids love swimming.  All three of them.  They could do it all afternoon.  (And we did!!!) I love it when they swim.  They get all worn out and sleep so well.  Win, win.  Plus Ty and Cam LOVE going around without their shirts on (they get that from Scott).  Ty often says "I am going to go look in the mirror at how tan I am!" and Cam says "I want to look at my muscles!" Win, win, win!

*Drew is at that super fun stage where he throws a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants or if I take something away from him that he does want.  Makes me feel like such an awesome mom when he throws himself down on the floor of wherever we are and then screams.

*I have been drinking green smoothies like mad lately.  Morning and night (except when we were on vacation).  Am I crazy that I love drinking them even though they taste like grass sometimes??  It just makes me feel like I am being healthy.

*Scott is a handsome devil.  Loving his job and knocking everyone's socks off.

*During the summer, the boys have to do a little bit of reading and writing everyday.  Some days it is a hassle and other days they spend all day just reading or writing in their journals.  I told them they could write about anything they wanted.  Ty decided he was going to make a "Battle Notebook"  spelled "Badel Notbuk".  Every day he writes something new about what people think when they are in battle or what is the best way to win a battle.  Today he made a list of all the things you would need in a battle.  They included ax, slingshot, bombs, and armor.
You guys, where have I gone wrong???

*I haven't cooked dinner in a long time.  I mean, actually cooked dinner.  Lately I am trying to run the kids hard so they get all their energy out and when we get home we just do anything that takes less than 10 minutes.  Sometimes even Mac n Cheese takes too long.  We are all about PBJs, yogurt and toast, smoothies, chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, quesadillas.  I feel bad about it.  But I also love it.  I wonder if I will ever be good at this...

*I love the smell of our new laundry detergent.  It is just Arm and Hammer and I only bought it at Costco because there was a coupon.  But I am seriously addicted to this smell.  Today Cam asked if he could snuggle on my lap and I have to admit I was half just loving that cute little body and half smelling his freshly washed shirt.

*I haven't cut my hair in almost a year.  Actually it has probably been over a year...anyway, I am ready to cut it.  Not super short.  But enough.  I want some layers.  But not too many.  Yep, now you can see why it has taken me a year to do this.  But that is my one goal for myself for the month of July.  GO GET A HAIRCUT.

*How high is too high for a 4 year old to climb?  Because everywhere I go, Cam manages to get to the highest place possible and people always give me that look like I am being totally irresponsible for letting him get that high.

*Drew loves kicking and throwing balls.  He is such a "ball" kid.  Can't be seen without one.  Can't go anywhere without one.  If you have one, he is your best friend.

*Drew also thinks it is the most fun game to climb in the car and instead of getting in his car seat, he climbs to the drivers seat.  And just waits for me to get there.  Usually I am the last one out of the house, I turn and lock the door, my arms are full of whatever we are bringing and I walk to my door to set it all down and he is sitting there and then he just laughs his little head off.  And his cute little body shakes all over.  And you can see all three dimples.  It is so amazing.

Lots of love from us!!


  1. Hooray!! I love that you blogged!
    And I love that you're reading Harry Potter to them. Just yesterday I said to Sam that I can't wait for the day Bria is old enough for us to read it, and he said "you know, there's a chance she won't like it." to which I responded, "how dare you!!"

  2. We loved that arm and hammer stuff too! Like you, we bought it with a coupon. I wish I had bought more because when we went to get more, they didn't have it! So sad! So glad you posted again. Post pics of your haircut when you get it!

  3. So fun to catch up on you. Your life sounds happy and fun. Good work!

  4. You are so funny! Of course I remember you. Hard to forget the nicest person I have ever met. Loved reading the update on your family. Your boys sound like such a blast to be around. George could use some more boy in his life. Too bad we are so dang far away now.
    Always good to hear from you! -Em