Sunday, July 19, 2009

I gave it my best tri!!

Scott and I did our first triathalon at the end of June and it was so much fun. I can say for sure now that I really should have trained more before just jumping in and doing it, but since we took it really slow and easy, it went really well. Scott swam with his "wave" of young male swimmers and then got out and waited for me to finish my swim. (He is so wonderful!) Then we took a nice little bike ride that went really smooth and was quite easy. Then for the run, we just picked a nice slow pace (for my benefit) and just plowed our way through. Towards the end, Scott was making me laugh so hard that I almost tripped a few times. I have so much fun doing those things with him.
(A HUGE HUGE thanks to Cheryl who came over at 5:30 in the morning and watched our kids for us so that we could do it together. Next time we will have to re-think signing up for an event that starts at 7am and is about an hour away....but thanks again to Cheryl for everything!)

I loved doing this triathalon so much that we are going to sign up for another one...I think in August!


  1. i completely forgot you guys did this! i need to talk to you! you should sign up for the one all the girls are doing in september. i've already decided for you.

  2. Rach- I am SO PROUD of you for doing this! And I will watch your kids ANYTIME because they truly are such angels- they are so cute and happy.

  3. I'm so glad you did this! Talking with you gave me confidence that I can do mine in August (even though I'm still nervous).
    Good luck with your next one!