Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just life...

So, I know I haven't posted in soooo long! And every day there is something so adorable or funny or sad that happens and I always think "Oh, I should post about this on my blog." And then another day passes and I don't do it.
So this post is me trying to think of all the things that have happened lately that are note-worthy:

-Ty had his first ever ear infection...and then allergic reaction to his medicine. About 12 hours after he started on amox he broke out in hives all over his body. He was such a trooper and watched Cars with only a couple times saying things like "Mom, I am pretty itchy".

-Cam pulled my straightener off the bathroom counter onto his arm on Sunday morning. Man oh should have seen the waterworks. I was SOBBING! Cam actually did quite well. We held some frozen cheese on it and gave him some Tylenol and he did great. Of course, now, whenever I straighten my hair Ty reminds me that Cam got burned and that he will go get the cheese if I need him too.

-Ty and Cam are finally sleeping in the same room. It was a painful week or so, but now it is wonderful!! I love hearing them babble at night or early in the morning. Usually I wake up to Tyler laughing so hard! He thinks it is funny because when Cameron stands up at the crib his head just barely pokes over the rail so you can see his eyes. It is super cute and I would probably wake up giggling too! Last night as I walked past their door I hear Ty say "Okay, baby. Go to sleep!" I love that Ty calls Cam "baby" still. It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

-Cam stands on his own now...or he is learning to stand. And he is so close to walking. He took two steps the other day! But he is still wobbly enough, that I think it will be a few more weeks before he actually takes off!

-Ty has started to love helping me cook dinner. He gets his little apron on and pulls the chair up to the counter and says "Lets whip up...what mom?" I can't do anything now without his help! We had a huge breakdown a few nights ago, because I opened the microwave and he "neeeeeeded to do it!"

-Ty is sooo...what is the word? Persistant? Stubborn? Strong-willed? Take your pick. He loves to say that he will do things "all by myself!" He spent a FULL five minutes trying to take off his own pajama shirt the other morning. It was totally stuck on his head and he would NOT let me help him. I waited for a few seconds and then calmly asked "Would you like help now?" Nope! He still said "All by myself!" So Cam and I went in to get some breakfast and Ty wandered out later and finally asked for help. I should have taken a picture of the shirt stuck on his was too funny. But I love his determination to succeed!

-Both boys absolutely can not wait until Scott comes home every day. Seriously. Ty sits on the toy chest and watches through the window for Scott to pull up. He jumps and laughs and yells YEEAAAA as Scott walks in the door. And Cam crawls as fast as he can and pulls himself on Scotty's leg. It is truly an amazing sight to see. One time last week I actually got choked up watching it. These boys absolutely adore their dad!

-We had a pizza and a movie night last Saturday and Tyler was in heaven. We first got to go for a little swim in the pool...cause it was such a hot day and I just thought that it would be a nice way to the end Saturday. Then we came home, jumped in the shower, got in our pajamas, sat down in the front room with pizza, and watched Toy Story. Tyler HAD to sit next to dad and I snapped a picture of the three boys that I will have to post later (I don't know where the camera is right now...) It was a fun night.

-Scotty took me out on a nice date for our anniversary! I can't believe it has been four years! I am the luckiest girl in the doubt about it! We went to The Melting Pot and it was just divine! Then we went and saw Up. It was such a fun night. Gosh I love Scotty!

-I know I still need to post all my pictures from our family vacation to Yellowstone. It was so much fun! I loved being there with all the family and meeting the new little neices and nephews. I have such an amazing family!

I am sure there are tons of things I am I will just have to post them as I remember! And hopefully soon I will get some new pictures up!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted! :) I sure miss you guys -and am glad that Tyler is all better now. Sounds like you've been staying busy!
    Love ya!