Monday, October 5, 2009

Some New Stuff...

Well, I have realized that lately I have mostly been posting about all the mischevious things that Ty and Cam do and I haven't really been posting about all the funny, cute things they do. They are really so darling and they are SO much fun. Here are a few things they have been doing lately:

*Cam says "Haaa!" in a high pitched voice when you walk in the room as if to say "Hi!" just the way I say it.
*Tyler knows that the rule about eating is that we only eat in the kitchen. So lately he has been holding his snack in his hand and keeping one foot on the tile and scooting his other foot so far away he is practically doing the splits so that he can try to still see what is going on in the family room. Does this remind you of anyone (Nate)??? Always trying to see how far he can stretch the rules...great!
*When Scott blows his nose, Ty oftens gets wide eyes and asks "Is dad a elephant?" I love it.
*We had a FHE lesson last week about Nephi building the ship and I got out Ty/Cam's tools so that we could have a "visual aid". The next day when I asked Ty what he wanted to play, Ty grabbed the tool box and said "Mom, let's play Nephi and build a ship!" He still often plays "Nephi"....I am just glad that we didn't tell him about how Nephi shocks his brothers or how the brothers bind and beat Nephi. I think that we will wait for that lesson...maybe until he is 18.
*Scott has started playing Hide and Seek with Ty and Cam. Ooooohhh! If there is ever a time when you should see the McPhie household, it is during Hide and Seek time. There are the absolute cutest giggles and squeals as they run around the house to find a hiding spot. Basically Ty just runs around and sits in a corner somewhere and Cam is only one step behind him. It is so cute to see little sets of toes sticking out from under blankets or to see our comforter on our bed with a big buldge and hear Ty say "Come on Cam! Sssshhh!" I took the cutest picture of both the boys hiding under the computer desk. As soon as Scott finds them, they scream and he tickles. It is no wonder that Ty asks to play EVERY DAY!
*Cameron climbs on everything! Anything he can't climb on, he pushes a toy over to step on it, so that he can climp up. This kid...he is a clever one! He climbs on beds, couches, in laundry baskets, and I even found him almost on top of the kitchen table!
*Both kiddos did so well during conference! I didn't expect them to last long, but they were so good and quiet during all four sessions! On Sunday morning, we snuggled up in blankets in our pajamas for the first session and I snapped a quick picture of Ty and Scotty!

Ty and Dad during conference

Ty making a cute little face at dinner time

Ty and Cam playing hide and seek

I love this picture! This is what happens when Scott puts jammies on the kids...Cameron's pants become Tyler's kapris! I really do love how much Scotty does for our family!


  1. SO adorable! You left out the one about them playing at 4 am. ;D They're too cute. We're getting excited to see all of you again. We'd like to get together with you on Saturday evening, Oct. 17th. Please save the date and let us know if that will work for you. Until then, hug those cute boys for us.

  2. That is so exciting that Tyler is already showing the intelligence of Nate! He is bound for great things! - comment made by Nate

    You guys are all SOO cute!! Seriously, pretty much every post you make I laugh. I love it! - Kelly