Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A quick chuckle

The kids have been doing the funniest things lately. I keep meaning to write them down because I knew as soon as I sat down to blog them, I wouldn't be able to remember any of them. But here are a few that I do remember:

  • The other day, Ty asked me (in a very dramatic voice) "Mom, can I please have a microwave?" (shocked, confused) I said "Why do you need a microwave, Ty?" and he says "because I really need to sing!!" yes, that is right. Ty sings with a microwave aka microphone
  • Because of the dreary rainy weather, the boys have been in desperate need of "running around crazy" time. But since we can't go outside...we started our own fun way of getting energy out: We put Aladdin on and skip to either the genie song (I think it is called Never had a friend like me) or the Prince Ali song. Ty and Cam dance and sing and it is really cute. I'll admit...I think we danced to those songs probably 15 times today.
  • When Ty asks for things lately he adds a "Pleeeeeeeaaaaase" on the end. It is quite funny. Sometimes (like yesterday) he starts his question with something like "Mom, you are so very pretty. Can I have a fruit snack?" Who does he learn that from??
  • Ty sang his own rendition of "Santa Clause is Comin' to Town" yesterday. It included phrases like "He sees you when you won't nap. He knows if you hit Cam. He knows if you aren't a good listening boy or if you aren't obedient." He sings these songs when he is laying in bed trying to nap. It always makes me chuckle.
  • Today, Cameron fell over and hit is head on the wall. He started to cry and just as I opened my mouth to calm Cam down, Ty shouts "Dog-gone it! Oh, come here Cami-boy!" And suprisingly enough, Cam went to Ty and not to me!! Ty hugged him for a minute and then said "Where does it hurt? There? Okay. Let me kiss it better" And then it was all over. Cam went on playing and so did Ty. Who need mom anymore?
  • When Ty got up from his nap the other day he ran right to me and gave me a big hug. Then he promptly picked up my hand and licked it. A big lick. I pulled my hand away and said "What are you doing?" He replied "Oh, sorry. I was just pretendin' to be a dog". Oh. Okay. Good to know.
  • (I might have already posted about this...but maybe not). Ty frequently finds things of Scott's around the house and pretends to be "dad". I will find him in Scott's hat and work boots or something. One day, he came in to the bedroom wearing Scott's shoes and hat and said "Well, I'm goin' to work. Bye baby!" Then went to Cam and patted his head and said "You're a good boy!" Funny enough...those would be exactly Scott's words!
  • I don't know exactly how this happened, but the other day, Scott and I were coming home from somewhere and we each loaded one kid into the car and then as we were walking to our doors (Scott drives usually, so we crossed paths at the back of the car) we somehow got into a "balancing on one foot" war. We stood there for a long time and I completely forgot that we had two kids waiting for us in the car. It is fun when you are in love. (PS. I totally would have won the balance war, because I have much better balance, but Scott cheated and so I fell off the curb)
  • Cam LOVES to wrestle. LOVES it. He is always running at full speed and jumping on Ty or falling on him. Ty is usually a good sport about it and tickles him or something. But today he was watching tv when Cam came running and landed right on him. Ty did a little throat growl sound (like he was really angry) and then said "Uh..Cam! I don't want to play right now. Your makin' me so frus-rated!" Poor Cam. Totally didn't understand and went in for another attack giggling all the while. Man, if you can't tell, these boys sure give me a run for my money!
  • The other day we were walking out of Costco and we were waiting at the door so they could check our reciept and Ty shouts "Whoa! You have a mustache!" and points at the person behind us. Sure enough, there was a old man with a big old mustache. I have to admit, it was pretty shocking and noticable. Not the kind that just blends in with the face. I probably would have shouted that my mind! Luckily, the man was really kind and joked around with Ty after that.

Life is so full of spice when you have two active little guys! (there is also some crying in there too!) We love our cubs!


  1. I LOVE these stories! Keep 'em coming! :)
    (p.s. I totally thought you were going to say that he said he the moustache thing to a woman. Now - there would be a good laugh!)
    Love you guys!

  2. Rach, those are great stories! You are such a cute momma, I can just picture those conversations in my head as I read them. They are priceless. BTW-That's a cute new family pic and I love that you refer to the boys as cubs. Love ya-Nancy

  3. I LOVE each and every one of those stories!! And I love that Ty has been acting like you guys. You've got such cute kids!!

  4. Ha ha ha, I thought the same thing Lindsay did! I thought you were going to say it was a WOMAN with a mustache. That would have been hilarious.

    Man, I love those little boys. I'm so glad you wrote those stories. I love reading about my little nephews!

  5. Oh, I loved every word! I needed something upbeat tonight. You're awesome... they're adorable... I'm missing you like crazy! Love you guys!

  6. Ok - your boys are too cute. I could read your kiddo funnies all day!! And - ok - I LOVE THAT YOU GUYS GOT INTO A ONE FOOT WAR. How funny is that!?