Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little late...but oh well!

So I feel like I have barely been surviving over here lately. I don't know if it is the post-Christmas blues or maybe the fact that it is just kind of cold, rainy, and blah outside, but life has not been kind over the last week.
Yes, I think I have cried everyday. Poor Scott.

But today, I feel like we kind of pulled out of our slump and so I thought I would actually post! I know it is late, but here is what we did during December:

Packages that came were so much....for many days!

Acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve...Ty wanted to be the donkey (I gave him the option to be something else..but that is what he chose) and Cam was baby Jesus. Ty has socks for ears and mittens for hooves. Clever boy.

A close-up of this little burro.

Cam desperately wanted to join in on the fun of wearing socks on his head. This is how it turned out for him. I still laugh when I see this picture.

We did a pretty small Christmas..but it was so much fun to set up all the present for the boys when they woke up. Ty left out a plate of cookies (on the stool) for Santa. They each got one fun toy, a cereal, and a couple little stocking stuffers. I think that Scott and I had more fun setting it all up and getting it ready than we thought we would.

And so it begins...all Ty wanted to do was play with the toy that Cam got. Cam was pretty upset.

Cam LOVED this ball he got from his friend Leah. He carried it around for days and days after that.

Here is Cam sporting the new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa and the coon skin hat from Papa

I love that they got matching outfits. And the coon skin hat just tops it off. Ty likes to wear the hat and have the tail come right by his cheek and he rubs it on his face cause it feels "so fuzzy".

I neglected to get pictures of the rest of the day. We went to the Laytons house for scones. Yummy. So yummy. And then came back for naps and movies. You would think that we would have started Christmas dinner. But, umm, no. The Laytons came over and we put the kids down for bed and we were going to eat dinner after they went down. Unfortunately, I forgot about the hours of prep time it took to cook some of the food. So we ended up eating a little late...but the crab legs were out of this world. I hope we get to eat crab legs with the Latyons every year! Then we busted out the blow up mattress and a big bundle of blankets and we fell alseep watching the Harry Potter movies.

In the morning we had the McPhie Christmas morning casserole (even though it was the 26th). It was so much fun! Yarr, Ty!

Over the next few days, we had lots of late nights with friends, dinners together, and just all together fun times. It is sad to be away from family for the holidays, but it makes up for it when you have friends that feel just like family! We really loved Christmas this year!


  1. wow. you should never ever post pictures of me before i get ready for the day. wow.

    so glad we could be a part of your christmas. so much fun!

    now i want scones...

  2. I'm sorry you've had a rough week. Crying really does seem to help at the end of the day though, doesn't it? I think it's better than being mean and then crying later because you feel bad... like me :-/ Poor, poor Nate.

    I LOVE the pictures! The boys look so cute... especially in their coon skin hats! And I love Tyler's donkey outfit. And I love Cam's face with the sock on his head. And I love the new main picture of you guys. And I love your Christmas night activities with your friends. And I think that's it.

  3. your christmas looks so fun! I think you guys did a way better job of having a fun, festive time while staying home than we did. maybe we should just move to california and then we can have christmas together every year. plus then we could hang out every day in january, and we wouldn't get the post-christmas blues. my plan is genius!

  4. I like Courtney's plan. Can I come live by you too? I miss you a lot and wish you weren't having this awful "post-Christmas blue" season.

    I loved your pictures so much that I honestly laughed out loud. Sorry - I think I laughed loudest at Tyler playing with Cameron's toy - only because that's what happened here in reverse. Abby only wanted to play with Hunter's stuff and it really ticked Hunter off. :) Good times being the parent/referee, right??

    You guys look great - I hope things start to feel more hopeful soon. Maybe you just need a trip to Utah to spice things up???? (You can stay with us!) :)

  5. Hey Rach- so I know this post was a while ago but I just wanted to say that I know how you feel about the winter blah blues. At least we do have good friends though- that is what gets us through right? My fav is the coon skin caps too- how fitting for the "cubs". Love you!