Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funny Family Quotes

background: sitting at the table for lunch. we were having green apples.
me: Ty, these green apples are just a little bit sour. Do you know what sour means?
ty: yep! sour means when something makes your face wiggly!
me: (laughing) what do you mean?
ty: watch! (he takes a bite of green apple, puckers up his face, and wiggles it back and forth). face wiggles!

background: i did my hair curly for church on sunday
ty: wow, mom! your hair is very shaggy. we should cut it!

background: driving to church, trying to remind the kids of how we behave during sacrament meeting
me: .....and we just sit quietly and can we can play with our toys if we play soooo calmly!
ty: yes, we need to be good because Santa is always watchin' us!

background: today, just chatting with the kids
me: Hey, Cam, do you love me?
cam: no!
ty: (laughing) cam, do you love me?
cam: no!
me: Cam, who do you love?
cam: CAILLOU!!!!

background: i was cleaning up the kitchen, clearing off the table after a snack
ty: (runs into the kitchen) mom, i am really proud of you for cleaning up. great work! (runs out of the kitchen to play)

background: yesterday, making bisquits in the morning for breakfast
me: hey ty, do you want to come help me mix?
ty: could you ask me the right way?
me: please?
ty: sure...because you asked nice, I will help. i love it when you ask me nicely mom! great job!
(do you think we have over done it a bit??)

background: a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, scott rolled RIGHT next to me
me: (in an angry, tired, groggy, mean voice) Scott! Go far far away from me!!!
(in my defense, i don't want to be mean in the middle of the night. i just can't help it. i can't control it. it's like i am a completely different person)

background: scott just got home from work and ty ran and jumped in his arms. scott goes and sits on the couch next to me, still hugging tyler
ty: (suddenly pulls away from the huge hug he gave dad) hey dad? would you love a glass of water?
scott: sure buddy! thanks!
ty: (turns to me) umm, mom? could you get dad a glass of water?
(i guess i know where i stand, eh?)

background: changing a dirty diaper of cam's
ty: eww! it looks like guacamole
me: ty! that's not very polite.
ty: but mom! dad says it!!
(he threw you right under the bus, scott!)

I am sure that there are so many more. It is sure delightful living with these boys of mine!


  1. Those are hilarious! Love them. (PS--your little word verification thing is making me type "farti." Hahaha!)

  2. ha ha! sooooo cute! kids are little sponges... it cracks me up when sonnet says something to me that i always say to her. lets me know what kind of parent i am. haha :) her and cam would get along... she loves caillou too! :)

  3. those boys are too funny! I love it.

  4. I can hardly breathe - I'm laughing so hard! Thank you for sharing these.

  5. Hi! It's Tenille Moss (Hemphill)...So I ran across your blog through Holly's and I hate not leaving a comment when I was being a blog stocker. Your family is just adorable! I loved reading about your little Ty....I love how 3 year old minds work! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Thanks for letting me take a peak. (

  6. Oh Rach! I really love those little boys of yours! It was so great to see you guys at the party! Thank you so much for coming- I know it's a long drive and I can't imagine with 2 how much looonger it would be =) Though with your boys, you could be laughing the whole time! Hey, sorry if I was weird that night- I think I get so stressed with parties because, even though I know I shouldn't, I want everything to be to the letter perfect...oh brother! Anyways- thanks for hanging out it was so fun! Oh, and Austin told me that since he will be working in Palo Alto (gag) for the next few weeks, that he and Scotty discussed us doing a "sleepover" (we won't think about the jokes the boys made about that...) so hopefully we will get to see you guys again soon! We love you guys so much! I'm so thankful we are friends! =)