Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's catch up...

(This is our family, in case you have forgotten what we look like since I haven't posted pictures in so long)

This handsome dude started a new project at work today! As most of you know, Scott has been working for the general contractor that is redesigning and rebuilding part of the San Jose airport. Scott has been there for the past three and a half years and the project there has quickly been coming to an end...which meant either they quickly found another project for their employees or lay-offs. For the past several months, I could cry at the drop of a hat if I thought about us losing our job. (To be honest, I can almost always cry at the drop of a hat...). We feel so blessed that the company found a job and, EVEN BETTER, we get to stay right here in Nor Cal! Scott will be working on the Santa Clara Medical Center for the next several years and he is very excited about it! He just started today and he seems to be excited and invigorated to be learning something new and having something to throw is energy into.
He has also been really excited about his music lately. He was able to attend NAMM (don't ask me what it stands for because I have no idea. In fact, I don't know really anything about Scott's music stuff :)) I do know that while he was at this prestigious music conference down in So Cal, Scott was able to get a music sponsor (super cool!) and he also got a picture with Kenny G!!! (Oh yeah...and a bunch of other rock icons that I have no idea about, but Scott was so excited!) If you want more details about this, you'll have to ask him because that is about how much I know. The only other thing I do know is that whenever I meet anyone who works with Scott on the music front they ALWAYS tell me that I am married to a musical genius. They have not heard me play Heart and Soul. I can play both parts all by myself...I seriously don't know how you can beat that! :)

I am doing just great. Did three weeks straight of P90X. And then went back to sitting on the couch and snacking :( I start a "nanny" job tomorrow for a 4 month old boy whose mom is going back to work three days a week. The boys are really excited to have a baby at the house and I think I am excited too...I guess only time will tell!
Now that we know we are going to be here for a few more years, I am getting excited about reorganizing the house and doing some fun little projects. I took several days and went through the house and did some decluttering and throwing out of things we haven't even looked at in years. It felt so good. And my first little project was to make a quilt. I went to a friend's house in our ward and she showed me how..and I finished it this morning. I feel so excited about it and now I can't wait to go get some more fabric!

Oh this kid. Do you ever have days where you look at your kids and think "Oh my goodness. You actually look older than you did yesterday?" Well, I have that just about every day with Ty. He just acts so old sometimes...and then quickly reminds me that he is three by saying something like "Mom, I told Cam to stop looking at me and he won't listen. Will you please talk to him?"
Ty is very pleased that he is getting bigger. He always wants to measure how tall he is and he always wants to show his muscles. He keeps asking when he will be big enough to "work out" because whenever I would get ready for my P90X video I would always tell the boys that they couldn't play with the weights because it is just for adults to get stronger. He thinks he is ready. I don't think he could handle Tony.
On that same note, Ty cracks me up about some of these workout videos. He loves to watch me do the Kenpo video. (For those who don't is a lot like Tae Bo, so there is kicking and punching involved). He would sit and watch the entire video while I worked out. And then he would start repeating what Tony Horton would say. Just today I heard him saying "Hoof, uppercut, now sidekick! Hoof, uppercut, sidekick!" (Supposed to be hook, uppercut, sidekick).
I think I have mentioned before that Ty really loves that he is starting to get hair (more like peach fuzz) on his arms and legs. He brings it up constantly as a conversation piece with his friends. The other day, it was pretty chilly outside and we were going to ride bikes and Ty had a little tantrum because he didn't want to wear his sweatshirt. He cried and cried when I told him that he couldn't come out until he had a jacket on and through his tears he exclaimed "Mom, my fur will keep me warm!!"
Scott was sitting and talking with Ty the other day on the couch. Just some man to man bonding time. They were just laying there and this is how their conversation went:
Scott: So, Ty, tell me what kinds of things you think about.
Ty: Well...hmmm...God...our town...and true love.
Nice one Ty! Way to catch your dad off guard for that one!
We just signed Ty up for T-ball this spring and he is just beside himself with excitement. He can't wait and can't stop talking about it. Poor Cam cries and asks "Why me no team??" He doesn't think it is as cool to just be able to play baseball with mom.
Last, but certainly not least, is that Ty is well on his way to reading. He spends LOTS of time everyday working out of his "workbook" and loves writing on the whiteboard. He reads and writes all of his letters and can sound out small words. He learned to write all of our names today! I am so proud of him and how much he just loves to learn. He is truly such a fun kid!

Oh, lets just take a look at the wonder that is Cam.

Let's evaluate:
First of all, he loves to take his shirt off. This must be something in the male gene. He shows his muscles and growls a lot too. Next, make sure you notice the "bling". Cam is the real deal, folks. He walks around like he owns the place and waves to all the neighbors...especially the female ones. Next is the hat. Cam will almost never been seen without a hat. He will also never be wearing it forward...ALWAYS backwards. He says it is because he wants to be like "dad" but Scott wears his hat forward sometimes. Not Cam. Not ever.
Now please notice the rain boots. I think they make a nice statement...don't you? (Note that it hadn't rained for weeks when I took this picture...even though it is rainy now). Now turn your attention to the saw that is lying right within his grasp. It has been a crucial thing for him to learn that he must be ready to retaliate at any moment. He and Tyler both always carry some kind of weapon with them at all times in case "the bad guys" or a dragon or even one time he attacked Cinderella. I know that they say it is to get the bad guys, but I really know that they hold those so that they can tease each other without me knowing. Nothing gets past this mom.
Last, don't overlook that dazzling smile he puts on and his eyes...just like his dad's!
Cam is just a wonder-boy. Scott calls him wasabi. (I don't know if that is how you spell it...but it is that incredibly spicy stuff that you put on sushi). I have only had it once...and I didn't know what it was and I was terribly surprised. I think that the name is fitting...strong, overwhelming to a point of crying, powerful, a little goes a long way, when you get a taste you feel like you are going to explode, etc. Cam has so much personality packed into his little body. And have I mentioned he has the energy of an asteroid? From the minute this kid wakes up, he is just going, going, going. He hates to sit down, even to have breakfast because he wants to run around and play. But, on occasion, he has been known to throw down more food than most adults. He had 7 waffles for dinner once...yes, SEVEN. I think I had two and a half. I assume he eats in these massive quantities so he can fuel himself for his day.
It has been an intense undertaking to try and tame this child...or at least to try and direct his energy positively. But he is doing very well. He is really becoming a great listener and helper. (Much is due to the example of his big brother). Cam jumps out of bed in the morning and starts his chores right away. They have a little chore chart and they get to put magnets on them when they are done and Cam just loves it. He makes his bed and then quickly strips down out of his clothes so he can get dressed. Then he and Ty both run to the bathroom to do their hair...yes, they do their own hair and I am not allowed to help. I wish I had a picture of them doing their hair...they both love to do their hair "spikey" and it just the most adorable thing. He is learning to be obedient and he can be such a joy...when he wants to. When he doesn't want is almost earth shattering. Cam loves to sing and he and Ty usually sing songs to each other at night.
Oh...I almost forgot to mention that Ty and Cam got a bunk bed for Christmas from Santa. So Cam is in a big bed now and does great...only got out one night and had to sleep in his crib. He hasn't gotten out of bed since. We are loving the bunk bed...and probably will love it even more once we take the crib out of the room and have all that space back!!

My goodness...have I said enough??? That ought to give you a little snippet into our life! Life is busy and crazy and wonderful all at the same time!


  1. WOW! Where to begin commenting?...Huge congrats to Scotty-dog on the job of course, but also on the music sponsor. You'll have to tell us more about what that means.

    You, of course, and being wonderful and doing wonderful things. Good luck with the nannying - I know you'll be great.

    Oh, Ty and Cam!!!! How I wish we lived closer so I could enjoy them more often. What a riot! And WHAT parenting manual did the hospital gave you? You've got the two year old making his bed and doing his hair? Seriously!?!?!? Who are you? Do you have a red Super-woman cape hidden beneath that brunette mane? ;D

    Love you guys!

  2. Yay! A new post! I'm so happy for you guys. I think job security just takes so much stress out of life. :) Way to go. Now we know where to find you for at least the next few years!
    Good luck with the nannying. Hug those darling boys for me!
    Love ya!

  3. so much to say! let's just start with your family picture is ADORABLE! you are all such good looking folks. :) congrats on the job. i wanna see your quilt! way to go on the P90X! your boys sound so fun and cute! ...