Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yes, you read that right. We went to the beach on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and the kids even braved the water (just up to their knees). We spent most of the morning just hanging around, cleaning, fixing random things. Then after naps, Scott just said "Everyone put your shoes on! We are going to Santa Cruz!" We quickly packed some snacks and popped in the car. We made it to the beach just in time to see the most beautiful sunset and still feel the warm sand on our feet. Seriously...it was heaven! Here are some pics...

Cam running in the waves. The water was freezing..but they didn't seem to mind. You can see Ty WAY out there too. They both ended up getting their pants all went and it made for a sad walk back to the car.

Pretty background! And such a handsome boy!

Oh us.

Family pic

The brothers...Cam is getting pretty tall. Ty keeps reminding him that he is still older though.

Love this picture. Especially because they boys aren't looking. Doesn't it always seem to happen this way...

I also had to include fun family memories like these ones...

Of course, they had to take their shirts off when fighting. Ty said it is because he looks stronger that way. Cam did it because Ty did it. Oh my...thinking about the future makes me need some strong medication :)


  1. LOL!!! (about the warriors) My boys broke out the swords today too.

    I'm so jealous of your afternoon at the beach, I can hardly type. Wish we could have joined you! Great pics.

  2. How fun to go to the beach! You guys got some great pictures.

    We were thinking about you guys while watching "When in Rome." Have you seen it? There is this part where they drive this little tiny European car into a building and in the elevator to drop the girl off closer. We both were laughing pretty hard imagining Scott picking you up! We miss you guys!

  3. So fun! I can't imagine getting in outdoor water right now. Your weather is so much different out there! :)
    I love the pictures. You guys are so wonderful.
    Love you!

  4. What a beautiful scene! What a beautiful family!