Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had such a fun Thanksgiving weekend. I am loving all this family bonding that we have been getting lately, especially right before the baby. Here are some of the things we did:

Scott got home early from work! Such a surprise...we had no idea he was coming til he walked in the door. We spent the evening just playing and having fun together.

Got up and Scott started right away on his amazing stuffing that he makes every year. Seriously...this year was (by far) the very best it has ever been. We made two pans of stuffing and we ate every bit! He had started drying out his bread on Monday and getting other little things Thursday morning was putting it all together. He is a master!
I made my first pumpkin pie and I feel like it turned out pretty good. I also did rolls again this year (which I usually feel like don't turn out right) but this year I was also pretty pleased with these. And lastly, we made the yams...which we smothered in butter and sugar and cinnamon and marshmellows...yum! We went to our friends house, the Harmans, and met up with the Nelsons there and our three families enjoyed an amazing spread of delicious foods. I felt painfully full by the time we were done. We got home in time to sit around the family room and talk about the things we were thankful for and then the kids went to bed. I was so exhausted that I went to bed shortly after (Thanksgiving is an exhausting day!)

I spent a couple of hours on Friday doing some shopping. I wasn't the "get there when the doors open" type of shopper. Just left around 9am and was home by noon. I really hate Walmart. But I also love it. Got some great deals. And I am totally done Christmas shopping. When I got home I was so busy being excited about some of the stuff that I found that it took me a few hours to realize I had lost my wallet. I totally lost my mind and was having a panic attack. I drove back to Walmart and waited in the long, long customer service line. When I finally got to the front of the line and asked the lady if a red wallet had been turned in, she kind of wrinkled up her face and shook her head. True depression started to hit and then she said "Oh, this?" and held up my wallet. I gasped as if someone had just punched me in the stomach and then burst into tears. Right there in front of everyone in Walmart on black friday. That is a lot of people, but I couldn't help it. I was so relieved.
We used most of the rest of the day just getting little things done. Scott has this knack for fixing up everything around the house when he has free time. So, he went around and just did little projects while I found more little projects for him to work on :). Boys rode their bikes around the parking lot for hours while we cleaned and organized and put stuff away and got Christmas stuff out. We set up the Christmas tree (just actually set it up, without lights or decor).

Saturday (today):
When we asked the boys what fun Christmas traditions/things they wanted to do this year, they both mentioned that they wanted to have juice and donuts when we set up the Christmas tree this year. It wasn't really a tradition or something we meant to do last year, we just happened to have some leftover donuts and let the boys eat them while we listened to Christmas music and Scott and I did lights on the tree and then we all decorated the tree afterwards. But they loved it so much, that we decided to do it again this year. Scott went out first thing this morning and got donuts while I got everything ready for us to eat donuts and juice and put lights on the tree. It was SO much fun. I love doing little fun things like that with my family. Then we all helped decorate the tree. We also put up the rest of our Christmas decorations and had a relaxing afternoon. Ty and Cam played with the nativity pieces all afternoon (fun new toys!). Then we went to the Global Winter Wonderland just down near San Jose. It was basically just a huge display of lights and castles and decorations from all over the world. We saw the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, pyramids from Egypt, castles from all over the world, etc. It was so much fun. We got dinner there and the boys got to choose one ride to go on. They chose this "bumpy slide" where you walk to the top of this slide and zoom down sooo fast. Ty rode by himself and Cam rode with Scott. The smiles and giggles on their faces were well worth the very over-priced tickets for one ride :) We got ice cream on the way home and the boys are still in their bed talking about it right now. I can hear them giggling and talking about around the fun things we saw.

I am excited for a nice relaxing and spiritually enriching day tomorrow. I am so excited that we are finally in the Christmas season. I feel like I wait for this time of year all year long. I loved singing songs and saying family prayer by the Christmas tree tonight. I love the fun family things we get to do. But I am really excited this year to really focus on the Savior and his marvelous gift to us.

Funny Thanksgiving Happenings:
-When Scott was preparing the stuffing on Thursday morning, the boys were following him around asking if they could help. After a little bit, Scott said "Ok boys, now it is time to go and chop the onions and celery" to which Ty said "Cool. Are we going to chop them with an ax?"
-When we first arrived at the Harman's house we were getting things settled in the kitchen and Ty went out the sliding glass door to check out the backyard. After he came back in, we closed the door behind him and we were just chatting there with the adults. Suddenly, Ty came peeling around the corner and, assuming the door was still open just how he left it, ran smack into the door. He hit that door hard. Face first. Poor kid fell back on his bottom and just started to cry. He had a nice big bump right on his forehead for the day.
-When we were talking about the things we are thankful for as a family on Thursday evening, Scott said he was thankful for his job and that we were very lucky because a lot of dads didn't have a job.
Ty: Well, that would be good cause then those dads get to spend more time with their family
Scott: That's true, but then they wouldn't have any money to buy the family what they needed, like a place to live or food to eat
Ty: They could just eat the food that they already have at their house.
Scott: But soon they would run out of food and they wouldn't have any food to eat and they would be hungry, Ty.
Ty: But then they would just die and then go back to live with Heavenly Father, Dad. So it is ok when dads don't have a job.
Ty sees the silver lining of unemployment :)

I know there were a few other things I wanted to post about, but I can't remember them anymore. We had such a fabulous, wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and we truly are so thankful for our family and friends and the many wonderful blessings we enjoy!


  1. i guess i'm glad you're focusing on the positives of thanksgiving. whatever. i will forgive you.

  2. What a cute family you have! I wish I was there having juice and donuts with you guys and the cyclops. :)