Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just three weeks ago...

I can't believe it has been three weeks already! Sometimes it feels like it has been three days. And other times it feels like it has been three months!! (the wee hours of the morning tend to feel as if they go on forever).

Three weeks ago, our precious Stephen Andrew McPhie was born. He was 10lbs 10oz and 21 1/4 in long.

Here is the deal about his name....

We are calling him Andrew or Drew. We LOVE LOVE this name. It has been on our list from the very beginning. But, we also really wanted to use the name Stephen, which is Scott's dad's name. We considered doing Andrew Stephen...but something just didn't sound right about it. We really liked the sound of Stephen Andrew. It just sounded better to us. And since Scott is really Michael Scott and he just goes by his middle name, I thought it would be just fine to name him Stephen Andrew and call him Andrew. I will tell you what...I LOVE his name. I love that we call him by his middle name. For some reason it just totally seems to fit him. But we do keep getting the raised eyebrow and and the puzzled looks when we tell people that he is going by his middle name. It doesn't bother me though. Scott and I both feel like it is the perfect name for our little guy.

I wish I had more time to write all the details of the birth and how things went. But for now, I will just say that the C-section went perfect. All went smoothly and I feel like it was the easiest birth yet. I am recovering very well and feeling wonderful. For me, the greatest part was right after they pulled Andrew out, the doctor leaned over the curtain and said "I think you just gave birth to a 3 month old!!" Andrew was HUGE! All of the doctors and nurses couldn't believe it and many of them came into our room during our stay just to see the "nearly 11 lb baby".

He is such a joy and we are loving this little guy so much!


  1. He is so cute, Rachel! I'm really glad to hear that you are feeling and recovering well. I love Drew's name, and I love those pictures! What a sweet family you are.

  2. Such CUTE CUTE Boys! And the name Stephen Andrew McPhie is a great name. I think you're right about the name Stephen Andrew sounding better than Andrew Stephen.

    However, we were a little surprised when we heard that he was going by his middle name, not because that's unusual, but because Becky and I both remembered a few conversations with Scott about how he didn't like going by a middle name, and how he'd never do that to his kids. (insert raised eyebrow at Scott) ;D We love ya, Scotty!

    It is a really cute name for a really cute boy! I can see why you love it. We hope you're recovering well, and that the little tank will let you get some sleep. Thanks for the update.

  3. I like my name, and I love Andrew's! (I won't bore anyone with more explanation than that.)


  4. You guys have SUCH darling boys. When I heard what you were naming him, I got teary eyed. I think it so wonderful. So cool to be like Scott - and so cool to have Dads name.
    I wish I could hold that big, cute dude! I hope you guys are getting sleep and that things are just smooth as glass.
    Love you!!

  5. Welcome precious lil Drew!! So happy for you and your new little, or BIG miracle! You sure know how to grow 'em Pappy!! So beautiful, hope you're enjoying these first many precious moments together. And I hope you're somehow able to catch up on sleep. Much love!