Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The latest

So, I know that what I really need to do is post pictures...but I am the worst mom in the world and I am not great at taking pictures. I do have some pictures, but I never have the time to move them from the camera to the computer.
So if you only like reading posts with pictures...you are out of luck! Sorry to disappoint. But this is what we have been up to lately..

We got Ty all signed up for Kindergarten! He is so excited! He was definitely NOT excited about his Kindergarten shots, but now that those are over with, he is just looking forward to learning Spanish (he is doing the dual immersion program at the school), walking or riding his bike to school (the school is literally a stone throw away from our house), going to school where his cousins go (sad that this is Linsdsey's last year at the school, but happy that Lucy and Sophie will be there!), and just genuinely excited to learn. Ty is just doing phenomenal at reading and he is picking up books left and right and reading them. We are just so proud of him.

Cam is so super fun. He is wild and active, but he has really started turning the corner on obedience. I think that the older he gets, the more he "gets it" as far as how to listen and be obedient and make good choices. Before this, I think he mostly made decisions based on what was the most dangerous thing to do or what I had previously told him not to do.
He is loving earning stickers for his obedience chart and he has recently been enthusiastically saying "Sure Mom!" when I ask him to help. He loves little Andrew and keeps asking when Andrew will be able to play "people" with him (that means playing all the little army men that Cam has).

Ty and Cam lately have been working on their "dirt biking skills" on their bikes. When I asked them what it means to have dirt biking skills they showed me what they have been working on with their bikes. They ride down to the end of the parking lot and then ride as fast as they can towards me. Just at the last minute, they slam on their brakes and then turn the wheel so that their bikes skid to the side. Ty can get his bike to do a complete 180 degree turn. Where do they come up with these things?? Heaven help me when these kids are older.

Andrew is a little piece of heaven. He is an angel baby. (You can't see the halo in his pictures, but it is there!). He sleeps 10-12 hours at night..every night for the past few weeks. He eats so great and then when he is awake, he is just so happy and smiley. He dirties more diapers than I ever thought was possible (he is almost 8 weeks old and we just bought our 4th box of costco diapers...216 in each (I think)...that is a TON of diapers!) But I love that he never has a tummy ache! We are loving this little guy. The boys call him "King of the Babies" all the time now. I don't know how it got started, but it has totally stuck. They always ask when "King" is gonna wake up or holler "Mom, the King smiling at me!" Last night in Cam's prayer he blessed Dad, Mom, Ty-Ty, Camer, and King of the Babies. I love it so much!

In other news, Valentines Day was a blast. The night before Valentines Day, I made pink heart shaped pancakes and pink scrambled eggs and hashbrowns for the family. I did a fun meal for the boys the night before so that I could do a fun dinner for just me and Scott on actual Valentines day. The boys had mac n cheese and hopped off to bed and Scott and I had the most delicious Honey Dijon Baked Salmon, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and then for dessert we had chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries and bananas. I think it might have been my favorite Valentines Day yet. We stayed home and didn't have to deal with reservations or over-priced meals or babysitters. I got to get all ready for Scotty and do my hair and make-up and feel pretty, but then as soon as dinner was over I changed into my pajamas and we got to just cuddle on the couch watching tv til we fell asleep.

Scott has been working long long hours for the past several weeks. He gets up to leave early early in the morning and doesn't get home til way after the kids are in bed. We miss him so much and it is such a treat for the boys when Dad is home to tuck them into bed..way better than when Mom tucks them in :)

Anyway, I can't think of much else to say and I have a cute little baby looking up at me and smiling and I just want to hold him!


  1. Sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives! Love it :). We do need to have a pizza night soon and catch up!

  2. That sounds WONDERFUL! Well, all except the part about Scott being gone so much. What an awesome family you have. Please say "Hi" to Scotty-Dog, Ty-ty, Camer, and the King from all of us ;D

  3. Sounds like you are loving being a Mom to your cute boys. I wish I could see a picture...love the name Andrew. I am jealous about the 10-12 hours of sleep. Camden still only sleeps 7-8 and is over 3 months. Wish we could see each other. Keep in touch. We'll have to coordinate a Utah trip and meet up sometime. I sure miss you Rach. Keep in touch.