Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is the real deal, people.

What???  Am I really posting on my blog?  This is not a dream people, this is really happening.  Listen up.

I feel like life just kinda happens around here and I have no time at all to sit down and write it down so I can remember these fun years forever. Well, fun and also crazy and hard. But still fun.

In no particular order:

Ty had a birthday! He is our wonderful 5 year old! Scott took him skiing on Saturday Feb 25th (the day before his birthday). Ty was over the moon excited for his special trip with Dad. They woke up early and left to get to the ski resort right when it opened. As soon as they got there and started changing from pjs to their ski clothes, Ty suddenly threw up all over Scott and all over the car! Poor Scotty spent the next hour cleaning up the inside of the car and wondering if he was going to have turn around and drive home. But Ty sat patiently and said he was feeling great and ready to ski. So those boys spent the whole morning and afternoon on the slopes and by the end of the day, Ty was doing the bunny hill like a pro! (Did I mention that Ty has never been on skiis before? So it was the bunny hill all day long, but I think that for his first time that is pretty good!) He keeps asking when they can go back.
When the boys got back, Ty still acted like he wasn't feeling well and was "under the weather" for a day or so. Nothing too bad. Oh...but this began the worst few weeks of my life! Right after that, Cam got this yucky flu bug that was going around here. TOTALLY. WIPES. YOU. OUT. Seriously, it was awful. So Cam got it. Then I got it. Then Scott got it. Then mine turned into the worst sinus infection ever. Then Scott's turned into pneumonia. Then Cam's cough (yes he still had it after three weeks) turned into bronchitis. I am just thanking my lucky stars that little Drew didn't get it. Nothing short of a miracle.
In other news, Ty lost his first tooth. Soo cute! He feels so old now and seems particularly interested in how many teeth others have lost. He asks everyone he can! He even leaned over during general conference and whispered to me "Mom, do you think President Monson lost all his baby teeth yet?"
Ty also got accepted into the Dual Immersion program at our neighborhood school and I am really excited about it. Walking distance to school and lots of friends are going to be there with him. Can't believe I am going to have a kindergartener soon!

And then there is our darling Cam. It has been so fun to watch Cam "grow" into loving little Drew. He begs to hold him all the time now and always tries to make him smile. He loves him a little too much even...a few days ago I was trying to discipline him (and was holding the baby at the same time) and Cam kept looking at the baby and each time I would remind him that he needed to be looking at me until finally Cam just said "Ok mom, but hurry. I just love the baby so much I can't stop looking at him!"
Other favorite quote of Cameron's these past few weeks Cam when I was explaining to Cam why he didn't get a sticker for his kindness and obedience chart. He was so sad that Ty got a sticker and he didn't and I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to him about how obedience brings happiness. But after going through my explanation and reminding him that the chart is called the "kindness and obedience chart" and so that is how he needs to behave, he promptly replied "I want to change my chart to 'the wickedness chart'".

And then there is Drew. Drewby. King of the Babies. Wonder-baby. Drew-Drew Binks (the boys thought of that one...from Jar Jar Binks in star wars). This boy is the center of attention at all times in our house. When we go to parks Ty always wants to take Drew on walks and push the stroller around. Cam invites complete strangers into our house to look at his little brother (true story). He is smiling like you wouldn't believe and it is just marvelous. He is starting in that laughing phase...just little giggles here and there. But last night Scotty got him to do a really good real laugh. It made tears come to my ears to hear that precious little boy laugh. He coos and squaks ALL day long. I think he is going to be a real talker, this one. He is almost always just a happy little trooper that goes from place to place with us and doesn't really make a sound until he is hungry. We love our little guy.


  1. hooray! so happy you blogged. those boys are all so cute. I'm so, so happy to get a little glimpse of their cute personalities.
    (a wickedness chart! that is amazing.)

  2. How did I miss this post? It's adorable! I love your wonderful family! We need another great one about the new car and the new job.... PLEASE!!!