Monday, August 3, 2009

Name Calling

Tyler has just recently made the connection that mom and dad also go by Rachel and Scott. He was so funny the other day because he was trying to tell Scott that Cameron was awake in his crib, and he was standing right at Scott's leg and kind of pulling on his pants and saying "Dad, baby is awake." and then suddenly "SCOTT! Baby is awake, Scott!" Scott just totally started laughing. I didn't know that he knew our names!
He has also insisted that I call him "cheetah" for a whole afternoon. When I slipped and said "Ty, will you put your books away?", he promptly corrected me and said "No, mom. I not Ty. I'n cheetah. Cheetah put the books away!"
I'm okay with long as the books get put away!!


  1. ...and so it begins! :)
    Hunter insists on being called all kinds of things throughout the day. Sometimes he'll say "Today I'm Dash" and as soon as I say "Okay. Dash would you pick up your blankie?" He's already switched and says "no! I'm not Dash anymore! I'm Wall-E!"
    It's a fun stage - the challenge is to just keep up with their intense imaginations! :)

    Miss you guys!

  2. So CUTE - so FUN!
    What a GREAT helper you have... putting the books away, getting the frozen cheese, & telling "SCOTT" when the baby wakes up. Ty - you're amazing, and so is your great Mom!