Friday, November 13, 2009

Funny Quotes

Lately I have been finding everything hilarious!! I mean, everything! Cam got his feet stuck in a drawer and I was laughing. Tyler was singing with a beater as a microphone...I was dieing. Cam stole one of Ty's toys and Tyler immediately fell to the floor crying. I laughed. Tyler accidentally backed up too far and fell into the open toy chest. I almost couldn't keep it together. I don't know why I feel this way. Especially when my children could get hurt. But here are a few things more things that I have been laughing at lately:

-Right now, Tyler is singing himself to sleep with a hearty rendition of "Santa Clause is Comin' to Town" that leads right into "Jingle Bells". I wonder if he will really nap today.

-Yesterday, I thought I swallowed a bug while Scott and I were watching 30 Rock. So I suddenly started coughing and choking. (This was real, people). My eyes watering, face red, hand on my throat, I choke out the words to Scott "I think I swallowed a bug or something". More coughing. Then Scott replies "I don't know why you swallowed a fly." (I didn't catch on) I said "That was really scary!" to which Scott says "I know...perhaps you'll die!" I couldn't keep from laughing...and still coughing. (Truly, I think I swallowed a bug and it bit my throat on the way down!)

-We have our boxes of Christmas stuff sitting in the corner of our room ready to be set free and spread Christmas cheer. (But Scott won't let me yet!) Anyway, Ty opened the box the other day and the stockings were sitting right on top. He asked what it was and asked if he could hold it. So he was rubbing the stocking up next to his cheek as I told him that we hang the stockings in our house and then Santa comes and fills it with yummy treats. He looked up at me and said "It's perfect." I didn't know perfection came that easily. Score.

-Last night, Tyler asked for a bedtime story and because I was flustered and had lots of things to clean up and still had to get Cam a bottle, I asked Scotty if he would do it. He agreed and went right in and started a story to Tyler. I went to the kitchen for just a minute to clean a few dishes and heated up a bottle. I didn't hear how the story started, but this is how it ended:
"Then, he jumped in the big digger and turned it on and he started smashing his friend with it. His mom yelled to him to stop because he had cut off his friends legs. So, he stopped and told his mom that he had been so frustrated that his friend wouldn't share. But his mom told him that even when he gets mad, or sad, he still needs to use his words and he can't be mean to his friends. The end." Tyler's face was shocked, scared and confused. I am not sure what the friend could have done earlier in the story to deserve that, but I am definitely going to take back the responsibility of bedtime stories.

-Tyler found a half of a lime in the fridge the other day and promptly took a bite. His face squished up and he twisted and turned his head until the taste was gone. He stood there for a minute and I said "Wow..did you like it?" "No!" I guess I just assumed that he throw it away, so when he walked away, I just went back to cleaning the kitchen ( feels like I am ALWAYS cleaning the kitchen and yet, it is always dirty). Anyway, about one minute later I hear Tyler laughing so hard that it made actually get nervous for what he had just done. As I was trying to find where he was, I heard his say "Eat it again, Cam. It is soooo good!" I caught them just before Cam took another bite of the lime. Boy, they sure love each other.

Above is a picture of Ty and Cam just before bedtime. I usually would not let Ty sit on Cam like this, except Cam LOVES being tickled and he was absolutely laughing his head off.


  1. Why am I not surprised by the story Scott told Ty?
    You guys have such a funny, fun family. We miss and love you!

  2. Oh, what an adorable family!!! Tell Scott that Matt and I said to lay off the Jack Bauer Bedtime stories - they scar the children. ;D

  3. Wow, Scott should think about entering a story telling festival! Thanks for the laugh. BTW, I had a good laugh myself last month when Brandon and I watched an old show choir video that also had footage of all of us doing solos at a choir fundraiser-- scary, but funny.