Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, so proud

This post is about Scott.

I am so lucky to have Scott. He really is one in a million. he might let his beard grow out a few weeks longer than I might have wanted...but, I'll take it! He is so amazing.

He is such a good dad. He bathes the kids when I have a headache (like tonight, for example). He makes dinner (or goes and gets food) when I haven't cooked anything. He always gives me a kiss in the morning before he leaves for work...he hasn't missed a day in the last 4 years. He tucks me in bed and waits til I fall asleep before he gets up and finally gets a minute to do whatever he wants to do. He cleans and organizes and puts away my clothes when I leave them on the floor. He folds the laundry because I hate doing it. When I cry, he makes me happy. And he makes me laugh so hard that I cry. But most of all, he has a rock solid testimony. I will often hear him teaching a gospel principle to Ty as he is getting him in his pajamas. Or he will tell me how wonderful the part of the book of mormon is that he is reading at the time. Or he will do an act of service when he is exhausted and really just wants to come home and relax. Or he will set an example for everyone around him.

That is what really has sparked this post. I went to a work dinner with Scott last night. Scott works in construction (for those that didn't know). The people he works with are...are...not exactly of the same standards as Scott. You might think that being with people that are rude, crass, unkind, undisciplined, and sometimes just downright disgusting, would somehow rub off on him after several years. I am here to tell you, that this is not so with Scott. I can't even express how much love and admiration I felt for Scott as I watched him interact with his co-workers. Everything about him was different than them...his language, his dress, his actions, his manners, etc. They even teased him when he wouldn't drink alcohol. They even took a picture, thinking it was so funny, when his virgin pina colada was delivered. But Scotty didn't flinch. He was so confident and true to himself and acted exactly as I would have imagined the Lord would have wanted him to act.

I just love him and want him to know that I noticed. I know others noticed too. You are a great example. To me. To our kids. To so many people.

And I am proud of you.


  1. I just love this post. Scott is a great man and the men in our lives don't get enough credit. So here's a non-alcoholic pina-colada cheers to great men!

  2. Rachel, I'm so glad Scott has a wife that appreciates how amazing he is. He is one of my very best friends and I've always looked up to him. I agree with you - he's hilarious and has a wonderful personality and he's also rock solid in his morals and character.
    Tell him I love him!
    Thanks for the post. You guys are great!

  3. Good post Rach! We love Scott and think he is just wonderful. Everybody just feels good when they are around him, which is a gift that not everybody has. And I think Nate has a man-crush on him. I think all the men in our family are superb. And I'll have to raise my non-alcoholic pina-colada to them as well!

    And by the way, you are just as great as he is and we love you as well!

  4. That's my brother!
    And I'm glad Scott married you Rach. You guys are a perfect match of wonderfulness.