Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our weekend get-away

On Wed (Dec 9th) morning, Scott handed me a piece of paper before he went in to work. He said it was an early birthday present. It ended up being the first clue on a treasure hunt that he had put together around the house. I searched high and low (literally) for all the clues and it finally led me to my suitcase. The last clue said that I needed to pack for 4 days and 3 nights at that I needed to be ready to leave by 4pm THAT NIGHT! I cried and cried (out of excitement!)
I couldn't believe it! I was so excited. Scott had worked out every single detail of a get-away weekend for us. The kids had babysitters all lined up. People were coming over to sleep at our house so the kids would be able to sleep in their own beds. Scott bought airline tickets and made hotel reservations...not to mention dinner reservations and entertainment. It was so much work for him...and he did it all by himself and kept it a secret from me (which is another huge task)! It was such an amazing suprise!
I knew we were flying there, but Scott didn't tell me where we were going. Finally, around 5pm, wonderful Amy showed up at our house and was ready to take over. Ty and Cam didn't even flinch as I said my goodbyes and walked out the door.
Finally as we were almost to the airport, Scott told me where we were going: LAS VEGAS!

It was a weekend full of yummy dinners (for my actual birthday dinner, he took me to PF Changs), two cirque du solei shows...umm amazing!, two movies (New Moon and Blind Side), lots of laughing...tons!, staying up til 2 in the morning, sleeping in til 10am, room service, the Titanic exhibit, the shark exhibit, CSI experience, and more. It couldn't have been more perfect! Here are a few pics. You can tell that Scott takes most of the pictures because as I looked back at them, they are all of me and we don't have any of him!

Me and Scotty in front of the Bellagio

Right before we saw "Ka". It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

Just being crazy...if you can't tell, I am posing just like the lady on the billboard behind me

I asked for a diet coke at lunch...and they brought me an iced tea on accident. I am embarrased to say that I actually spit it out on the table. Do people actually like that drink??

Just walkin' the strip. Chilly...but fun!

At the shark exhibit, there were some huge jellyfish. Scott asked me to do my best impression and, unfortunately for me, he snapped a quick picture!

We stayed at the Wynn...super nice! (side note...when we were checking in, they asked if we wanted to upgrade our room and it would be as cheap as an extra $25/night. The guy was really trying to sell us on it, saying it was such an incredible deal. We opted not to, just to save money. As he was finished up getting us all checked in, I casually asked if they had a car service that drives you to places on the strip. He just laughed at me. Seriously, I don't even think he answered me. Later I found out that they do have a service like that...but it is in a Rolls-Royce and costs something like $300 per ride. I think he thought that if we weren't willing to pay an extra $25, then we probably weren't interested. Ya think???

I love my Scotty! He is so great to me. He is my little Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way)...except he would be the rock star version of her!


  1. i'm pretty sure i'm going to call scott mary poppins from now on.

  2. I my goodness, Scott is seriously raising the bar for husbands everywhere. Does he offer private tutoring for the romantically challenged? j/k

    I'm so glad you had a great time. You deserve it! Happy Birthday, Rach.

  3. oh what fun for you guys!!! i wish we would have ran into you somewhere! :) happy birthday!

  4. Scott is awesome!! What a perfect surprise! I'm glad you two had fun and got to do so many awesome things together. Nate and I have been to Cirque du Soleil (sp?) and we loved every minute of it!!

    Happy late birthday! We miss you guys!

  5. I am still so excited for you, what a fun birthday surprise! Glad to know Scott is treating my Pappy right. Happy late birthday, papps!

  6. Wow! That sounds awesome. Way to go, Scott. Rach, I'm glad you had a fantastic Birthday you deserve it.

  7. Rach
    I love the pictures and I love that you spit your drink on the table. :) I laughed out loud at that one.
    I'm so glad you had fun! I can't even imagine how wonderful it must have been to have some quality alone time with each other. :)
    Good job brother - and happy Birthday Rach! Love you guys!

  8. I'm so proud of my brother! That trip looks soooo fun. I might have to have Sam contact Scott to get some pointers.

  9. So Fun!!! I don't think Aaron could pull something like that off. I was thinking about you on your birthday!!! Sounds like your birthday was super great. I miss you!

  10. Oh my gosh!! How stinkin cute! And fun - and girl - next time you better call me! Ha ha! SO - I'm totally dying that you know Nichole...such a small world! I know her through Nate - funny! And - my sister and her family already live down there - in fact they are in Nichole and Phil's ward. You should look her up - she's a doll!

  11. One more comment - I'm hoping to come out there before we move - since my sister is having a baby GIRL in March! So we'll HAVE to get together then!!!

  12. Ok...so I just realized you know Holly Hoffman Spears - how do you guys know each other? Did you know we grew up in the same ward in VEGAS!!! This really is a small world!!!

  13. I love the new blog look! I also love the family picture. :)