Thursday, February 24, 2011

Checklist for today

Stay in my pajamas all day long....check.

Feel miserable from the cold I have had for a week now and realize that I probably have a sinus infection...check.

Watch a little five month old for over eight hours. One that is teething and has a double ear infection....check.

Have two completely rambunctious boys who need to get their energy out but can't because it is cold and drizzling all day...check.

Get a massive migraine in the middle of the day that comes on so suddenly that I can't prepare or take medicine and have it wipe me out for the rest of the day...check.

Have cheerios for dinner...check.

Immediately start crying when I talk to Scott on the phone (who is out of town for a few days)...check.

Let the boys play in the bathtub for ALMOST AN HOUR...check.

Go to bed at 8pm...soon to be check.


  1. Oh Rachel!!! : (
    Definitely go to bed and may tomorrow be ten million times better!

  2. You poor thing! So sorry! Hope it all gets better soon!

  3. Rach- :-( So sorry that you had such a terrible day.

  4. Sad! I thought I had a bad day, but it doesn't even compare to yours. Here's to tomorrow. It will be much better.

  5. oh. my. word. WHY did you not call me!? i would have been there to help you in a second. we did a whole lot of NOTHING today. i totally would have taken your boys for you at least! or poured your cheerios for you!!

  6. Rachel! Has your day been better today? Hope so. On the bright got a lot checked off your list yesterday ;) Here's to a fabulous weekend for you...

  7. SAD! I hope today was at least a little better! Hang in there woman!