Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Questions, comments, and concerns

Ty has had the following questions over the past few days....

"Mom, how do you REALLY make babies?" I guess he hasn't been satisfied with my glossing over the subject the past few times he has brought it up.

(partially in tears) "Why can't we have another baby in our family? Can I help you and dad get a baby?" This was as a follow up to the previous question.

"How does a fish live under the water all the time and not have to come up?"

"How does a cow make milk from just eating hay?"

"What is fat? What does it do to our blood?"

"Mom, here are your choices. You can either let me watch a movie or play a game on your phone. What do you choose?"

"What does it mean to zorse around?" To which I answered that I have no idea...but I then explained that I usually say "horsing around". He still thinks that is a weird phrase. It kind of is.

Yesterday, Scott walked into the family room and turned on the light. Ty followed him back into the bedroom and said "Dad, you broke something of mine." After further questioning about what Scott had broken Ty finally said "You turned on the light...and it broke my spookiness."

Yesterday we decided to go to the park and the boys rode their bikes. We passed a man who looked a little bit homeless...he had the torn clothes, dirt all over, unshaven, etc. He even had on a big hat and it was pretty ragged as well. He smiled at Cam as he passed and Cam stopped and got off his bike and ran over to him and said "Hey, are you a scarecrow?" I didn't know how to explain my child and the man just laughed and kept walking. Cam came running to me and said "Mom!! Look, a scarecrow!!!"

A few other happenings...on Monday, Ty and Cam were playing "bad guys and good guys" and Ty ran right into the mirrored sliding closet door. It immediately cracked in that spider web way all the way up the mirror. Luckily, Ty go further back before all the pieces started falling. We have told the boys so many times that they may not run into that mirror because it could break. So as soon as it did, Ty was crying and apologizing and sat down right by the wall before I even had time to process what had happened.

Later that night, for a valentines date, Scott and I went to Costco with the kids. So romantic.
In the line to check out, a little girl from the line next to us wandered over and the boys both waved him. Then, without warning, Cam walked right up and wrapped his arm around her and gave her a big hug. People around smiled. Then Cam pulled back and kissed her right on the lips. People around gasped and said "Aaaahhh". The mother of the little girl was still on her cell phone and just kind of smiled and pulled the daughter away. Costco really is romantic.


  1. Yes, Cam. How DOES a cow make milk out of just eating hay? I am dumbfounded now, too.

  2. What funny, smart kids you have, Rach. They are thinkers and so so cute! Great stories.

  3. I LOVE that turning lights on is called "breaking spookiness"! :)
    I also just love, love, love your family. From Cam calling the homeless guy a scarecrow to Tyler crying for a new baby. I think you guys are hilarious and so fun and wonderful.

    Also, just so you know, Hunter is also fascinated about the baby making process. He knows that girls have seeds and boys have seeds and I've told him "a mom and a dad share their seeds"... but he asks almost every day "yes, but how do the seeds join up? I mean, if yours are in you and Dad's are in you, how do they meet?"
    Oh boy. Not ready for that teaching moment yet. I usually just say "we do a special hug that only moms and dads can do." And then I quickly ask him to play Star Wars with me. ("please be distracted, please be distracted....")
    Oh! Kids! They sure keep you on your toes, don't they? :)

  4. LOVE all these sweet moments. And I also love that you share them with us. Those kids are just too cute for words. And I still think that the Costco romance story is the BEST valentine story EVER.