Thursday, September 10, 2009

EGG-citing News

We got our carpets cleaned today!!!
Why? Isn't this the second time in less than six months? Can't you keep your house clean, Rachel??

Well, apparently not.

About a week ago, I was was back in our bedroom folding laundry and looking online for a cute idea for a birthday cake for Cameron. I heard the kids laughing in the front room...I mean, really laughing hard...and thought "How cute! They are playing together!"

How wrong I was.

I walked in to find the carton of eggs in the middle of the floor, half empty, and Ty with one in his hand ready to smash it into the carpet. I looked around the room and found that we had about 6 or 7 eggs ALL OVER the family room. We had one on the couch, several covering the carpet, the wall, the door, AAAHHH! Wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't smeared them all over the floor after breaking them. Cameron was crawling through the mess, so he had tracked it all over and it was all over both of their clothes. I did get a couple pictures taken before spending my afternoon trying to clean it up....but it didn't work very well. I thought I had gotten it all, but we would randomly feel parts of the carpet that were hardened with egg yolk. Then, Scott found little drops of egg yolk splattered all over another part of the front room....and that was enough to push me over the edge and I decided to get the carpets cleaned.

Luckily, both kids are still alive :)

(By the way, when I told Scott, his first words were "I bet Cameron thinks that Ty is the coolest brother ever! Then he told me that he did that once when he was little, so we probably had it coming...I let him know that he would be cleaning up any future messes that come because of the crazy things he did as a kid!)


  1. Ha ha...SO first I thought you were going to be announcing that you were pregnant..."egg-citing news"! Ha ha. I'm lame! So...that is just awful...funny but awful. I can't even imagine the clean up - you poor girl! Got to love boys!

  2. I remember Scott throwing eggs as a little boy! My parents had to put a leather strap/lock system on the fridge door because he would climb up and get into things.
    I wonder if I would have laughed or cried...
    Those boys are going to give you a run for your money Rach! :)

  3. OH, I feel for you! I thought the millet in the toy room was bad, but EGGS!! Whole different kind of mess. I think you are the new winner of the "worst mess award."

    You're awesome! I'm so glad the boys are still living too ;)