Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think

I think that no one should have to go to work; I hate being so lonely during the day.

I think that kids should come already potty trained; I have changed more dirty diapers than I ever thought was possible in a day.

I think that Christmas should be twice a year; One whole year is too long to wait and I miss it so much.

I think that sweets should be the new health food; I don't want to eat brocoli, I want to eat ice cream!

I think that when you call someone on the phone they should HAVE to answer; I have called Scotty so many times today and he hasn't picked up his phone (side effect of being alone)

I think that as soon as you lay down on the bed to take a nap, you should be able to fall right asleep; I hate laying there thinking of all the things I should be doing instead of napping and then finally feeling like I am just on the verge of falling asleep and then hearing the kids wake up from naps.

I think that every month you should be allowed to get one new item of clothing for free from any store you want; I want lots of new clothes and shoes, but I don't want to pay for them.

I think that all houses should have a yard; not having a yard stinks.

I think that every family member should have to live right next to you or on your street (or we could build huge houses and everyone just lives all together); I miss my family.

I think that chapstick and lipgloss should be edible; everytime I put in on I always wish I could eat it.

I think that it should be illegal for it to start raining two minutes into a walk to the park after it took ten minutes to get diapers changed, shoes on, water bottles, snacks, and kids all in the stroller. Yes, I think the weather should go to jail. Or maybe just get a ticket.

I think that all music should be Kenny G or christmas music; You can only imagine how I feel about the Kenny G Christmas cd I have.

I think that every person should have a little person that just wakes up from a nap and says "Can I snuggy you please?" and then gives you the biggest hug you can think of; that is what just happened to me.

Even still, my life is happy, full, and rewarding. I am a lucky gal.


  1. ha ha! i totally agree-- especially the parts about the nap and eating sweets. :)

  2. You don't eat your lip gloss? Oh boy you're missing out!
    Also - eat the ice cream! Life's too short to NOT eat sweets.
    Love and miss you Rach. I wish we lived on your street.

  3. You are such a clever gal. You make me laugh.:)

    -Nancy (not Ken)

    P.S. Leaving you a comment is tricky. Sometimes I figure it out, sometimes I don't. Today I'm Ken-Whatever!:0

  4. Rachel;
    I think this is why YOUR GENERATION elected can have everything you ever wanted....FREE.
    Love Dad

  5. This is poetry. Where do I sign-up for the sweets are health food program?