Monday, September 21, 2009

Pen and Cinnamon

Here are a few things that Ty has been up to last week:
On Tuesday he found a pen laying around and colored on our couch cushions.
On Wednesday he took the cinnamon from the table and dumped it all over the front room.

These two things are enough to push a mom to her limits. Luckily, the rest of the week went well. I am excitedly waiting to find out what this week's adventures will be.

(Yes it was inside the toy chest too!)

(I should have taken more pictures but there were about ten of these little "ant hills" around the room. )
Just can vaccum cinnamon up, but it will still leave a dark film all over. So you will still need to scrub the carpet down (even if you just got it cleaned last week) and you will still need to scrub the couch (even if you just finished getting the pen off of it the night before)!

Another quick piece of advice: Don't put the vanilla right next to the apple cider vinegar in your cupboard. When you are in a hurry to make smoothies for lunch, you might just accidentally grab the apple cider vinegar instead of vanilla. It doesn't taste the same.


  1. You honestly need to just call me when this happens. I'd be over in a jiffy. I cannot believe your patience when you're dealing with these things. Amazing.

  2. oh wow. I think that's all I can say. wow.

  3. Cinnamon - wow! Is Ty yet living? ;)
    I can honestly say that's one mess I haven't had to deal with... "Respect" to Rach. What a woman!