Friday, August 27, 2010

Buck, the scarlet retriever

Today at the park, Ty found a ladybug.
He sat underneath the swing where he found it and played with it the whole time at the park. He called over Cam, and they admired it together. Ty was sure to let Cam know exactly how she liked to be held and how to talk to her just right. They giggled and laughed as her little legs would tickle the palms of their hands. They gasped in awe as she opened her wings and they saw how she could fly. But she didn't fly away. She just stayed there with the boys.
Ty begged and begged until finally I told him he could bring the ladybug home. He quickly placed her in the trunk (small container on the back of his tricycle) and put some grass in there and some sticks so she would be "nice and comfy for the ride home". Ty rode his bike very slowly home, making sure to not hit any of the usual bumps so as to not bother the ladybug. On the way home he said "Mom, I want her to be in our family forever. That is why I won't go on any bumps, because I want her to love me and to stay with me forever. She will be so happy in our family!"
When I asked what her name was he replied "Her name is Buck, just like Dad's doggy when he was a little boy. Buck was a golden retriever and that is what I want the ladybug to be."
I said "That is so neat Ty! Dad will be so excited! Except a golden retriever has fur that is your ladybug golden?"
(Ty)"No...she is red. Could she be a red retriever?"
(Me)"Sure...or do you know another name for red? It is scarlet.
(Ty)"Ooooohhhh. She could be a scarlet retriever!"
He beamed from ear to ear and pedaled even faster on our way home. He was one happy boy.

As soon as we got home, Ty rode right up to the front door and waited right there for me as I walked up. Just as I walked up and told him I would go inside and get a jar for Buck, he opened the trunk to check on her. I heard him gasp and then shout "Noooooo!"
Up, up, up and away she flew. Immediately came the flow of tears. I gave him a big hug and we talked about it for a minute. Still sad, he walked his bike over to put it away and then sadly, head hung low, he walked back to the house.
As he walked in, with huge tears in his eyes, he asked "Why did she leave me? We were going to be a happy family?" As I hugged him and talked to him more about it and told him that it was so wonderful that she living out in nature and we should be happy, he finally said "Mom, I think I just need to call dad. He can make me feel better."
A quick phone call to dad made his tears go away. Even though he still was missing her, things seemed to get better after that. I feel the same way about Scotty. He makes everything better!
I love that we had Buck, the scarlet retriever in our family for a few minutes.
I love even more that we have Scott in our family forever!


  1. Rach, you are so darn cute and so is that little Tyler. Man he comes up with the funniest stuff. What a smart little guy. I love that you record the things the boys say and is priceless. And you and Scott are so cute together!

  2. Okay, not cool. This is Nancy not Ken. :)

  3. Aw, that is so cute and sad. Tyler is such a tender hearted guy. I sure love him.
    and I love that he was a scarlet retriever. That just makes me laugh. :)