Monday, August 30, 2010

A Few Things I Love...

---Monday mornings! Most people don't like monday's, but I do. Wanna know why? Garbage day! It starts my week out great when the boys happily jump out of bed and get dressed right away and wait by the window for the garbage man to come by. Since this is the case EVERY SINGLE monday morning, all the garbage men know the boys. They stop by the window and wave, they honk the horn, and sometimes they even let them yell the magic word and then the garbage cans go up to be dumped. It is so magical for them. It gets even better though...ALL day as the garbage trucks drive around town they recognize the boys and they honk and wave. It is so cute! We actually just got back from a little walk and one of the garbage men that we haven't seen in awhile actually pulled over his truck to jump out and say hi to the boys and give them a "hi five". I wish they all could know how much these little guys look forward to seeing them each week.

--My Running Cheerleader! The other day as I was trying to go five miles (after not running on my injured knee for about 10 days). It felt like I was running 10 miles. It was so hard. Right around 3 miles I really felt like giving up and my legs were sore and I had just hit a wall. I turned a corner onto a major street and up in front of me about 50 feet was this woman with a bright orange and yellow African dress on with a matching head piece. It was gorgeous. She was old in age, but very young in spirit. As soon as I turned the corner with my jogging stroller, she jumped up and started cheering for me. "Come on girl! You can do it! Wow, what a woman! Girl, you got it goin' on!" She just kept cheering for me and clapping. I was a tad bit embarrassed at first, but then I didn't care. As I ran past I am sure I had the biggest smile I've ever had while running. Thank you wild and wonderful lady for keeping me going!

--"Cami-boy". When Cameron was first born, Scott and I didn't really want people to call him "Cami". It sounded too much like a girls name. But, I've gotta tell you...hearing Tyler call him Cami or Cami-boy is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

--I love that a few weeks ago at the park, we saw this man with a HUGE dog that was black and white and Ty asked the man "Can I pet your cow?"

--I love that while I was writing this post, the boys decided to eat sugar by the spoonful. Literally. I accidentally left the bag of sugar on the table from breakfast and when I peeked out to check on the them, I caught Cam white-handed with an overflowing spoonful of sugar that he popped into his mouth before I could reach him. Sugar ALL over the floor. Sugar all over their clothes. I wonder how much they ate....

--I love that no matter how hard I try or no matter what I do, boys (or at least my boys) turn every toy into some kind of weapon. Right now, Ty and Cam are wandering around the house as a firefighter and a police man and trying to get the bad guys with their golf clubs that they hold up to their eye and then shoot. Where do they learn this stuff? They will have none of this coloring or sitting down to do a puzzle. Not enough aggression or physical contact.


  1. That is so unbelievably cute about the boys and the garbage men! What a fun and funny tradition! One time a garbage man stopped in his route and changed my flat tire. So I'm with them in thinking that garbage men are the best!!

    Also, SO FUNNY about the spoonful of sugar! You're going to have some hyper boys today!

  2. Those boys crack me up. I can't wait to see them (and you) in a couple weeks!!

  3. The one about Ty asking to pet the cow made me laugh out loud! And how cute with the garbage men! I gotta say, I am with you, I love Mondays, especially when I am really productive!

  4. Rachel, you are so awesome. I wish I could hang out with you more often.
    Reading this just made me so happy. I sure love you.

  5. Rachel, about fighting the bad guys, sorry that would be the influence of Matt. Thank you so much for sharing these stories, we just love your family!

  6. this made me laugh! i think i need a cheerleading coach too...