Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's make a deal....

It seems as though I wait to post anything on the blog until I have a cute story, embarrassing moment, or major catastrophe. As soon as I have one of those, I usually am too busy cleaning up said mess or waiting for said embarrassing moment to actually be funny, so I don't post it on the blog. This is a nasty cycle.
So today, I am just going to post about nothing. And everything. So it will probably be boring to everyone, but it will be fun for me :)

A couple weeks ago, Ty started saying "Okay, mom. Let's make a deal..." and then he would continue with some outrageous thought that usually included him getting candy or a toy. It started out hilarious...and it still is. To hear this little guy actually try to sell some of these bargains is just humorous. I know when he has thought of something he wants because his eyes will get big and a cute little grin appears on his face and he begins "Okay, mom. Let's make a deal. I will be veeery obedient today and you will clean up all my toys."
or "I will go wipe my nosey like you asked and you will buy me skittles."
or "I will watch a movie and you will make cookies,"
When I suggest a "counter-deal" (something like, he wipes his nose and then I will snuggle him) he thoughtfully replies "thanks Mom, but I like my deal best!"
He also has started asking me all the time "Mom, how did you get to be so pretty?" Gosh, the things this kid thinks up...it kills me!

In other news...
I am so excited for Christmas. I can't wait. The weather has turned a little colder here and it is overcast most of the morning. It is too much for me. I just can't handle having Christmas be so far away. I am already listening to Christmas music. I made chocolate chip cookies and watched Polar Express with the boys. I have had "Silver Bells" stuck in my head for several days. Do you think if I just will it to come sooner that it will happen?
Thinking of Christmas makes me miss my family. I desperately want to go and visit...and I hope we will soon. I think we will. Oh please, let's go!

Running hasn't been going so well. This week was supposed to be a 16 mile run...I got to mile 7 and had to stop because my knee was KILLING me. I could barely make it home. I was so disappointed in myself. I still kind of think it was 50% my knee hurting and 50% that I didn't want to run. And now my foot is really sore...really. It seems like every time I take a step, the top of my foot aches. But regardless, I am running today. AND I have already decided that I will listen to Christmas music, because that will most definitely keep me going!

I made chili for dinner tonight. I love making chili because I put it in the crock pot and it simmers all afternoon...and our house already smells like October. (Don't you think that the month of October smells like chili?) Mmmmm.

Last night, for Family Home Evening, I gave the lesson (really, it was more like a two minute thought) about serving a mission. We talked about how happy Heavenly Father is when people serve a mission and how happy it made me and Scott to serve a mission. Before we ended, we asked the boys where they wanted to serve a mission and Tyler said he wants to go to San Jose. Remember last year when he said he wanted to go to the North Pole? Things are improving! When we asked Cam, he just tackled Ty (as if just speaking to him suddenly gives him permission to release some atomic energy that had been building up in the three minutes that he had to sit still). End of FHE. Off to Dairy Queen for an ice cream.

Rats. Cam is awake. End of my blog post.


  1. I love hearing these stories about Ty and Cam! Those boys are so cute.
    I'm sorry your knee and foot have been hurting while you run! You should talk to Lindsay, since she's gone to special doctors about knee pain while running. She might have some good advice. That certainly makes it harder to go. But, hey, if Christmas music gets you excited about then I think you should make that your official running soundtrack.

  2. Rach, you make me laugh. I love your posts about "nothing". "Nothing" is the most important stuff. You have now made me crave October, Fall time, and chili. I think I can wait a while for Christmas. I'll be a beached whale by then and that thought is not appealing. Love ya!

  3. I love when you post, no matter what you talk about!! I think you talking about the every day stuff makes me feel like we don't live so far away so please keep it up!!! We miss you guys!!

    You're awesome for running so far. If you knee hurts, it hurts. I think you're doing awesome! And I'm totally with you about missing family... Yesterday, Lyla and I were looking at the Wright family journal and it made me really miss everyone on that side so much!! Hopefully it won't be too long before we see everyone.

    We love you guys!!

  4. I can't wait for Christmas, either!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm so ready for Autumn and Winter. Sounds niiiice.

    And be careful with the running! Don't mess up your knees. Take a break if you need to. You'll be find skipping your 16-miler. I've had to do it before. And your foot might hurt from compensating from an injured knee. It's a possibility.

  5. You are so great! Love this post! We just miss you guys, we would love to get together next time you come through here! Guess who we randomly ran into--Brad and Laura Bradford! Funny huh! Makes me miss old times! Good luck running, I hope your body cooperates!

  6. oh for sure, october is all about chili and apple cider for me. i make myself wait till september 1 before i pull the christmas music out, but i'm not far behind you... :) fall/early winter is just such a "homey" time, i can't wait to enjoy it after a long hot summer.