Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Midnight Snacks

On Saturday morning, I woke up and really wanted to make a raspberry smoothie. Scott had just been to safeway on Friday night, and I saw that he had bought two little packages of raspberries! I was so excited. But as I searched the fridge up and down, I couldn't find the berries. I hollered to Scott "Hey...where did you put the raspberries?" to which he replied "There are right there in the fridge." Nope. They were not. I kept searching as Ty casually walked into the kitchen. Ty said "Oh, are you lookin' for the raspberries? I ate them last night!" I totally didn't even pay attention and just kind of mumbled back to him til he finally grabbed my shoulder and said "Mom, I ate all the raspberries! I got real hungry in the night and you and dad were sleeping, so I just had a snack of raspberries."
Sure enough, both containers were there in the trash. Crazy kid! He ate 16 oz of raspberries sometime after midnight (cause that is when we went to bed).

Then this morning I found an empty bag of chocolate chips on the counter first thing in the morning and when I questioned Ty, he admitted that he was hungry again in the night. Luckily the bag was almost empty already!

In other news, our little Lango (aka Camerlango) is doing great. I can't believe he will be two next week. He climbs and jumps and runs like he has been doing it for ten years. He sings the abc's and lots of primary songs (but he usually only knows the word at the end of each sentence). He is a wild dancer, a fantastic wrestler (thanks to his brother), an avid reader (but only if there are trucks or tractors or diggers in the book), and he has a great imagination. Cam already plays by himself with cars and I can hear him helping them, singing to them, putting them in timeouts, changing their diapers, etc. He loves any kind of truck, especially fire trucks.
Cam is fiercely independant. It is sometimes painful. But, I have been learning patience and I turly have loved watching him learn how to do things on his own. (Even if it does take us an hour to get on shoes...)

Lastly, I ran three miles yesterday for the first time in 10 days. My body felt stiff and awful. I don't know how I am going to get my body back into "running" mode, but at least my knee felt okay...(not great, just okay. It hurt, but didn't throb with pain.) I am still nervous about it, but I am trying to not let it ruin my attitude!

That's it in news for us!


  1. Did you post about your knee and I just missed it?? I hope you feel better soon!
    Tyler's night snacking cracks me up. At least he does it independently and you don't have to wake up! :)
    Love you guys.

  2. Rach, I love it when you post! I always can't wait to tell Nate about it, and then have him read it. Your boys are the cutest and we were laughing so hard about Tyler's midnight snacks! SO FUNNY!! Hopefully all those raspberries weren't TOO much fiber... if you know what I mean ;)