Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cam's first...crawl!

Well, it has actually happened...Cameron started crawling. He popped up on his hands and knees yesterday and took one little leap toward a toy. Tyler was right there and he was so excited for him. In fact, all morning he has been taking whatever toy is in Cam's hand and placing just out of reach in order to make him crawl again. (Which means that Cam has been having a pretty rough morning!) Ty will get down on the ground, just like me, and chant "Come on, baby!" or "You can do it, Cam!" But I don't know if I really want to encourage Cam's mobility....can I really handle two kids that can move around? I don't think so! It is one thing to have a toddler and then a baby....but two toddlers??? I guess it is too late now! Watch out comes Cam!


  1. hi rachel - i found your blog while on someone elses. great job cam! he's so cute. we loved sitting behind you in church. ty is so entertaining!