Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, how I love my Tyler...

So, if you were Tyler, these are a few of the things you would have been doing this week:

-Putting yourself into time out for hitting and pushing the baby...sometimes I think that he truly weighs the options and decides that the rush from pushing the baby over is well worth the few minutes he has to sit by that wall. He does it...and before I can even say anything, he'll tell me he is going to time out and he will go right there and sit down and stay there. I am starting to wonder if I need to re-think that consequences for hurting Cameron....

-Slowly evolving into a monkey...this kid climbs on EVERYTHING. He loves to climb up anything that I tell him is too high or too hard for him to do. As soon as I say "That is for big kids" he is bolting toward it, as if he needs to prove he can do it. We were at a park the other day with a little rock climbing part and there was a sign that said it was for 5 years and up. Ty climbed up it all by himself...with Scott as a spotter. (But Scott really didn't even touch him...he did it all alone!) He also has alot of arm strength and can hoist himself onto almost anything.
He has now completely mastered the art of climbing out of his crib and then slowly lowering himself down. It is quite amazing to see this kid in action. Except now we need to get him a bed.

-Doing your first (and hopefully last) session of interior design. Apparently Ty thought our couch needed a extra hint of BRIGHT RED. So he took the liberty of dumping nail polish on the couch. Oh was such a sight to see. I had jumped in the shower because I was already going to be late for visiting teaching-- got out to see that Ty's hands were covered in nail polish-- completely lost it and started crying--Ty ran to time out--I frantically tried ANYTHING to get it off the couch--started smelling something burning and realized I had forgotten about the muffins in the oven that I was going to bring to our visiting teaching appointment--Cam woke up crying from his nap due to Tyler's crying from time out....AAAHHH! I can't re-live this experience any more. Let's just was awful! And if anyone has any tricks for getting nail polish off of a microfiber couch, I am all ears!

-Constantly making Cameron smile...Papa (scott's dad) called them "Tyler and the Smiler". I think it is perfect! Cam is ALWAYS grinning and it is usually because Tyler is near. He has been crawling around like a lion and jumping out from behind pillows to make the baby laugh, but recently he has started with a new technique: self torture. It is really funny to watch. Cameron will just absolutely be belly-laughing and almost tipping over from laughing so hard. Ty will bang his head on the piano, face plant on the ground, or anything to get a laugh out of Cam. It is pretty cute how much they love each other, but I have already started to steer him away from those techniques (even though they get some good laughs!)

I wish I had a picture of Tyler that I could post right here. He is such a cute kid...especially with his new summer haircut (completely buzzed!) What a good kid!

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  1. I love this post! Your boys are so darling! (Though I must say the nail polish day sounds horrible. I would have cried too.)
    I hope you'll upload some pics soon! :)