Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I am such a lucky mom. I have so much to be thankful for. I have two amazing children and an incredible husband! For mother's day, Scotty got up with the kids (at 6:30am) and fed the baby and then started breakfast for me. I loved hearing him in the kitchen cooking and hearing Ty ask cute little questions and try to help his dad. We had some gourmet eggs, muffins, and juice! Church was great...and then afterwards we went over to Ben and Jaimi's house for dinner. We had shish-kabobs (sp?), cous cous, watermelon and corn and then CHEESECAKE for dessert! It was delicious! (I felt okay about eating cheesecake since we ran 10.5 miles on saturday!)
I have been trying to think of all the wonderful things that come from being a mother, but I can't even name them all. I think that what I love the most are all the little day to day things. I love that Ty giggles and adds a little jump to his stride when he is excited. I love that he has to be tucked in each night before he can go to sleep. I love that Cam will fight sleep with every muscle that he has, but he completely gives in once you start to tickle his cheek lightly with your finger. I love that Ty RUNS to Scott when he gets home from work. I love that Ty asks to say every family prayer and when it is his turn he ends with a very strong "A-MEN"! I love watching Ty lead the music during sacrament meeting. I love that Cam is constantly waiting for someone or something to smile at, ready at any moment to send a huge toothy grin your way.
That is just to name a few...

Mother's Day is wonderful, and it makes me glad I am a mom. But it also makes me thankful for my mom and everything she has taught me. And thankful for Scott's mom, for raising such a terrific son!

Thanks to all my friends that are moms or soon to be moms for all your love and support in helping me be a mom! I love you all!

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