Thursday, May 21, 2009

So much to say....

Well, I haven't posted in awhile and I feel like there is so much to blog here it goes...

First off, Ty has been sick. It has been really sad. He hasn't been eating anything these past few days and just barely started getting some energy back today. He has been relatively good during the day, but at night...MAN! I feel like I have a newborn! He wakes up every hour and just cries and cries. And I feel bad just letting him cry because I know that he is sick. So the past four nights in a row, I have gotten up at least six times during the night (one night it was eight!). Finally, last night he only woke up at 10pm (but we hadn't gone to bed yet) and then slept until almost 8am. I hope that is a sign that he is getting better!

Our half marathon is coming up and I am so excited. I had the WORST 12 mile run this past saturday though...if that was anything like the real race, I should be dreading it. I didn't sleep well the night before, I forgot to charge my ipod so at three miles it died, which meant that I didn't have music but I also didn't know how far to go or when to turn around, I forgot my little water bottle and my gu packs, and I had foolishly overeaten the night before, so my stomach hurt the whole time! I am really going to do things differently for the real race.

What else??? The cubs are as cute as ever! Cam usually doesn't whine or cry to let us know he is awake in the morning. He pounds his legs on the mattress. It is so cute! There is just a little thud, thud, thud....and sometimes some cooing...and we know our little guy is up! Lately, as Cam has been babbling more and more, Tyler has been talking to him and having cute little conversations. He usually says the same things that I "Oh, are you talkin' baby?" or "Whachoo talkin' bout baby?" but it is a million times cuter coming from him!
They are such cute little brothers!


  1. That's what Abby does too! I hear her banging her legs on the thin little pack n' play mattress - or cooing. Isn't it great to not wake up to wailing???

    I'm sorry you had a bad run on Saturday and I'm also sad Ty has been sick! I find it nearly impossible to have good work-outs when I'm sleep deprived. I hope he recovers (and you get some good rest) before the race.

    Love ya!

  2. So you're saying we should hang out until midnight next Friday too...and eat greasy Mexican food. That combo = an excellent morning run. :)