Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honesty is the best policy

Usually Scott always tells me that he thinks I look really "cute" when I first wake up in the morning. But this morning, I got the honest opinion of a two year old.
I walked into the boy's room right after I rolled out of bed. I opened the door and Ty said "Hi Mom! Wow! Your hair looks...umm...spikey!" And then came the laughter. He doubled over laughing which, of course, made Cameron laugh too. What else could I do but laugh with them (especially after I looked at my hair in the mirror!)

I feel okay about Tyler telling me that my hair looked awful this morning, because recently he has been just randomly telling me "Momma, you're pretty".

Tyler told me yesterday that he loves the baby, but not when he takes his toys.

He also just woke up from his nap and came in and told me that his fingers hurt. I said "Oh, I am so sorry. What can we do to make them feel better?" He put his finger to chin (in a thinking position) and said "I know! We should watch a movie!

Man, I love that kid.

On to Cameron....

He is walking! WALKING! I can't believe it. It almost seems impossible that I could have two toddlers. Cam LOVES pushing the little "lion" that we have...a walker that looks like a lion and has music to it when we walk with it. It was Tyler's but it hasn't been used in awhile...except now, of course, Tyler really wants to play with his lion. So there have been a few lessons on sharing....
Cameron walks up and down our complex driveway...so many times a day that I can't even count! Tyler runs along side him and helps steer the lion if it starts heading for a pole or something. They are quite the team. But man oh man...as soon as it is time to come inside or put the lion away, Cam brings out the big guns. I talking loud screams, flailing arms and legs, water works, EVERYTHING! This kid sure knows what he wants. The other day, a neighbor actually came out of her house to make sure everything was okay because of Cam's screaming when I started to put the lion away. She said it sounded like he had been seriously injured. Cam sure is quite the drama king.

Poor kid is still teething. I don't know how long those blisters/swollen gums will last but they are still blackish/purpleish in the back and I keep thinking those molars are going to pop through any day, but not yet. He is being such a champ, considering how painful that must be.
He loves to chew on everything and it is pretty cute to see him knawing on stuffed animals or other toys.
He loves his daddy and he reaches for him and snuggles right into his shoulder as soon as Scott picks him up when he gets home from work. Often times, Cam will just lay there and coo on Scott's shoulders for several minutes. These boys love their dad!


  1. Black and blue blisters??? That sounds horrible! I hope he's got a constant stream of ibuprofen going. :)
    Also - I miss you guys so much! Whenever I read your blog, I feel kind of sad because I just wish I could be there hanging out with you guys.
    I hope you give all your boys a big hug for me!
    ...oh and one more thing... next time would you take and post a picture of your spikey morning hair? I wanted to see it too!

  2. Oh I just wish I were there to see it! "Momma, you're pretty" Don't little boys just know how to charm us! SO FUN! And Cam and Jared sound like they are peas in a pod. We need to get these two together for a strong-willed screamfest. Aaaahhh, good times ;)

  3. I can't wait to see those little boys!! Oh, and you and Scott too.

  4. That story about your hair reminds me of one morning when I woke up with really bad hair from having it curly the night before and Davis took one look at me, got really wide-eyed and said, "Mommy BIG, big hair. Whoa." Nice, huh? You just got to love the honesty of kids.;-)

  5. Your boys seem like they have so much personality. I wished we lived closer so that we could get together for play dates and bbqs.