Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Saying "Hello"

Yesterday, I was out walking around our property and cleaning up the laundry room as part of our job here. Cameron was taking a nap and Ty was just walking around with me, helping me pick up trash, and just talking to himself. I love hearing what he pretends to do and be...Anyway, I was wiping down the washing machines and I heard him say "Well, hello bug. Hi there bug" and start talking to this "bug" which I assumed was imaginary since he had been talking to himself all along. But when I looked over, I saw he was talking to a cockroach. It was flipped over on his back and was wiggling his legs desperately to flip over...which made him look all the more disgusting. Of course I squealed then told Ty that we don't talk to cockroaches. I think that lesson is almost as important as not talking to strangers!


  1. OH, I love it! And I totally agree - NEVER talk to cockroaches & I would also added "NEVER talk to earwigs!"

  2. At least he doesn't throw them at you. When my brother was little, he would pick them up and throw them at me and Crystal... or try to put them down our shirts. Boys are so sweet.